Cell Manipulation

In order to achieve the result you want with exercise you must understand the premise behind changing the body.  The body is made up of billions of cells. These cells all have a particular job to perform.  To create change you must manipulate the cells to force them to work in a different way than what is normal against the DNA coding.  Meaning you have to force new growth patterns.  Essentially what we are doing when we exercise is containing cells.  If we don’t contain cells then the cells get out of control and begin to grow in bigger in the wrong places.  This is especially true with fat cells.  Muscle cells don’t increase in number but they can shrink and /or grow depending on the activity level.  So my point is that in order to change the cellular structure of the body you must know how to manipulate the cells to get the result you want.

Bodybuilding is a great way to manipulate the cells  to make them look a certain way.  Bodybuilders are concerned with developing muscle cells.  When training correctly they can metabolize off unnecessary fat cells. For example, it is knowing how to activate the abdominal muscle cells without increase the size of them. Big abdominals is not desirable for the bodybuilder.  Knowing how to create more cells in the shoulders and chest and back to create a more dramatic physique is important for the bodybuilder.  It is knowing how to activate the muscle cells in the legs to create them bigger and with definition and shape.

Many people exercise and have displaced cell development. They don’t seem to know what they are doing they just move weights around and do lots of cardio. It seems they don’t care about symmetry or aesthetics, they just exercise for the sake of exercising.  I see this alot with bootcamp style classes and aerobic classes and PX90 type classes.  They are all good forms of workouts but they are all about doing as many exercises as possible using many different forms of training.  I call these types of training programs “displaced cellular manipulation” activities.  What this means is that the exercises work the cells in synergistic patterns not isolated form.  So the result is whatever you end up looking like is what you look like.  You could get lean but you might sacrifice bicep size because you performed too many abdominal exercises, or you might lose the v-taper and have a more blocky look to your torso.  Because the way you trained has dispersed the cells to areas that is being over emphasized.  Yes! the person has lost body fat and increased their lean body mass, but they have no symmetry.  I see many guys who are functional training advocates.  Functional training is a great way to train if you don’t care about having a bodybuilders physique.  Most of the time functional training produces great results in core stabilization, strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, neuromuscular efficiency which is all good.  But the cellular recruitment patterns through functional training end up making the body look average but nothing like a bodybuilder.  You can develop great strength and endurance with functional trianing exercises.  This type of training is great for athletes.  Football is a great example; football players train hard and are concerned with developing as many muscles cells as possible for greater strength, power and protection.  They are not concerned with having a small abdominal area. They train for their sport and not necessarily for symmetry or aesthetics.  Some of the running backs have huge powerful legs while their upper body is muscular but doesn’t match their legs.  They are more concerned with building strong legs. So the cells of the legs have to manipulated in a different way to produce this result.

If you are just concerned with metabolizing fat and increase lean body mass then just about any type of resistance training program will do that. But if you want to look a particular way then just doing exercise for the sake of it won’t always produce the look you are after. You have to manipulate the cells and to train them in a way that gives the area more shape or less shape depending on your goals.  You might have big arms and little shoulders. This will make you look out of proportion, so you would have to build the shoulders more and maintain the biceps.  You have to look at each muscle group and decide how to work it. This is why I love bodybuilding.  It is all about creating a work of art through the use of science.

The other day I had a person come into my gym and pretty much slam bodybuilding and bodybuilders. She told me that gyms were a waste of time and bodybuilding is stupid. She believed that we all need to be outdoors exercising and running.  She said “why would anyone want to do an isolated bicep curl, it goes against nature. When does a person ever have a need to do a bicep curl?”   I didn’t agree with her about that we should all be outside running around and that gyms were a waste of time.  And I told her that bodybuilding is all about cellular manipulation and developing a body into a work of art with symmetry and aesthetic appeal.  Not everyone wants to have a stringy, non-defined, average looking physique. Bodybuilding exercises are not something you are going to do outside the gym in a functional way. They are isolated exercises that manipulate the muscle to grow in a certain way.

If you want to exercise and do a bunch of different types of training that is great.  But if you want to really change how your body looks in terms of symmetry and aesthetics then you must perform the correct exercises and know how to train the muscles accordingly to get the result you desire.

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