“Do Vitamins Supply Energy?”

Vitamins are not “true foods.” That is, they don’t supply energy, nor do they turn into tissue as do proteins. They do not work like fats or carbohydrates. They have been compared to a catalyst or spark plug. They are necessary to make the process work properly or optimally.

As nutritional research moves forward, it is gradually being discovered that a certain vitamin, or combination of vitamins, is essential for health. This is because vitamins combine with enzymes. Vitamins are often termed “co-enzymes.”

Simply stated, vitamins are substances that regulate a variety of everyday biological functions in your body. The quantity of each that is needed varies with each vitamin. Vitamins are essential for normal growth, good health and general day-to-day maintenance.

I find that it is important to take supplements throughout the day to optimize growth and tissue repair. It is hard to get all of your nutrient needs from food alone. Even though there are many arguments against the use of supplements, I defend the need for taking them. I have trained without taking any supplements and noticed a huge difference in my recovery time, repair, growth and over all look. When I go back to taking supplements I instantly see and feel the difference. So, regardless of what others say, I will always depend on supplements for best results. They work for me.

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