The Best Protein Formula

There are thousands of different protein powders on the market. I have tested hundreds of different brands over the past thirty years. The protein powder that I find is the best is the same that Vince Gironda prescribed in his gym forty thirty years ago. I purchased all my supplements from Vince throughout the years that he trained me. The protein powder that I used then and still use today is NSP’s Muscle Density 92% milk and egg protein. 

The ultimate muscle-building protein formula with the highest efficiency, Quality and Potency. 

92% premium milk and egg protein offers you the most advanced, highest quality protein formula available. Designed for serious bodybuilders and competitive athletes, this cutting edge, low-fat formula gives you high-value protein and essential nutrients– for fueling gains of solid muscle mass. It is the decisive advantage you need and require when you are training to build your ultimate body. The combined formulation of scientifically-proportioned milk and egg protein gives you one of the most highly effective and efficient protien sources available. The P.E.R (protein efficiency ratio) is greater than 3.9%, meeting and exceeding the U.S. Government standards for high quality, bio-available protein. Research shows that the combination of Milk and Egg protein and intense training will help promote muscle growth. Protein is the most important organic compound in the human body– influencing many essential biological processes. In fact, muscle tissue contains 80% protein, so the additional of milk and egg protein to your training directly influences gains in muscle mass and strengths. And only 92% milk and egg protein is formulated from carefully selected high-quality, premium protein sources (including calcium casienate, lactalbumin, and egg white albumin) Milk and egg protein is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. No other formula gives you so much to supplement your training and optimize performance. Plus 92% milk and egg protein contributes greatly to the promotion of positive nitrogen balance within your body. When you are training, this positive balance contributes significantly to:

Faster Recovery rates from intense training

Improved fat metabolism

More efficient oxygen usage by muscles

Enhanced glycolosis 

Rapid strength gains

Increased anabolic/metabolic rate

As a great tasting shake, 92% milk and egg protein is carefully formulated to be easily-digestable and readily-utilized by your body. When you are training at intense levels, your body ceases protien production during that training period and resumes during the recovery peroid that follows. And if you work out for extended periods (longer than two hours) or at high frequencies, your rate of protein breakdown increases. You run the risk of your muscle protein becoming fuel for your activity ( a catabolic state). This makes it essential to increase your protein intake with high quality protein like 92% milk and egg protein. To optimize your gains and prevent catabolic effects schedule protein feedings every three hours. Well balanced nutrition is an integral part of your success. That’s why there is no comparison to fueiling yoru body with the power of 92% milk and egg protein. Nothing comes close to its quaility, potency or efficiency.