TRAIN WITHIN your own Bio-individuality

Daryl’s FIT TIP of The Day: 
It seems that so many people exercise to look like someone else. Most health magazines tout beautiful bodies on the cover to lure folks into buying the magazine. The person thinks that if they did the exercise program or drank the special protein drink that is being marketed that they will look like those beauties on the cover.
Everyone, to some degree, wants to look young, healthy, and sexy. By achieving this it is believed that a person will have better physical and social relationships, be more productive and have greater longevity. Unfortunately, people will fall victim to the never ending pursuit of false expectations. They are chasing an “illusion” that seldom exists.
I remember when I first started bodybuilding I wanted to look like the Mr. America’s of the 70’s, and 80’s. I followed all of their programs and bought all their supplements, but I never got as big as they were, I was chasing a myth. I later found out that 95% of the guys I idolized were taking drugs and they never took any of the products they were marketing. I fell into the lies and deceit of muscle magazine marketing bull S*&^T.
Then I connected with Vince Gironda who told me to train within my own bio-individualty and to develop the best body I could for my height and weight– NATURALLY! Once I changed my perspective on training I began focusing more on what my body was capable of doing rather than trying to achieve something that was insanely out of reach.
Train for your own SELF and be proud of what you achieve without having to worry about what others think or what others have.
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