The Synthetic Human

There once a time when Americans could eat real natural food. Today, the natural food supply is dwindling. We are now dependent upon man made synthetic processed food. In order to supply the demands of all the inhabitants of America it is necessary to process food to keep it longer on the shelf. Unfortunately the product that we are consuming is filled with chemicals that are causing illness and disease. The vital organs of the body cannot work with the chemical ladened food. The immune system eventually weakens and disease develops. It bothers me that so many people don’t care about the chemicals that they are ingesting every day into their body. It is a shame to think that there will come a day when natural food will be extinct on this earth and that humans will have to depend on food made in factories. It is as if we are becoming synthetic humans. There will be more chemicals floating in our body than actual nutrients. We will be living on drugs and chemicals. I am not too far off with this prediction. Look at our society today. So many people are already dependent on drugs to keep them alive. You don’t hear of doctors prescribing nutrients to help strengthen the immune system. They only seem to give out drugs to help regulate the problem. I wish that something would change to see that the natural food supply is protected.

To think that only the rich can eat healthy and the rest of us have to eat less of the organic foods and more of the processed chemical ladened foods. There is something wrong with this system. Eating all organic natural food is very expensive for most families. What I suggest that you do is to purchase all of your protein sources organically. Protein is the most important and you don’ t want to sacrifice quality. If you have to, you can purchase non-organic vegetables. Just wash them before consuming. Washing will remove some of the chemicals that are on the food.

The bottom line is that it is becoming harder and harder to eat food that isn’t contaminated with pesticides, preservatives, steroids and other chemicals. This disturbs me…

Daryl Conant, M.Ed

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