The Milk Controversy

The milk controversy has been going on for eons. Many animal rights activists, vegetarians, vegans, new age folks, are all against drinking cows milk. They believe that cows milk is only for baby cows and that humans shouldn’t ingest it. They believe that ingesting cows milk, if you are not a baby, will promote cancer, destroy your immune system and ultimately kill you. This encourages fear and stupidity. I am not against folks that don’t like to harm animals or to get their protein from animals, that is their choice. But people need to know how the body works and how food works.

First off, the enzymes in the body are designed to breakdown and assimilate all food that comes into the body. These enzymes do not know where or what the food is, they just know that a protein is a protein, a sugar is a sugar, a fat is a fat. They don’t know that the food came from a cow, a goat, a soy bean, etc. Protein is protein. Though I disagree with the fact that milk is bad for you. I do agree with pasteurized, homogenized milk being a poor source of protein. This is due to the fact that homogenized milk is heated up to kill off the bacteria to allow the milk to last longer on the shelf. During this process all the active enzymes are destroyed. The amino acid structure is compromised and more lactose is produced. So the end result is that people who are lactose intolerant have complications when ingesting homogenized, pasteurized milk. This is the problem. Not that it came from an animal. The body doesn’t know if it came from an animal or grass its job is to breakdown the enzymes that come in. The best milk to consume is raw natural organic milk. Raw milk has not gone through the heating process destroying its amino acids. Raw milk assimilates in the body the best. In fact, it actually boost immunity. I have been consuming raw milk for about 25 years now and I have never had any adverse effect. According to those against milk, I should have been dead years ago. I have had people who are lactose intolerant try drinking raw milk and low and behold they were not allergic to it. Because the enzymes were all intact and their body could digest it with no difficulty. Raw milk and honey is the food of strongmen. It was believed that the strong man Sampson drank raw milk and ate raw honey to get all of his strength. I too have gotten great results from drinking raw milk. Drink up!

Daryl Conant, M.Ed

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