The Best Exercise for Developing the Outer Part of the Bicep

The exercise for developing the outer part of the biceps is the Body Drag. Here is how you do it.

Grab a straight bar with a false grip. A false grip is putting the thumb on the same side as the fingers. Position your hands just a little wider than shoulder width. Stand with heels together and toes apart 45, knees slightly bent. Rest the bar on the thighs, look up to the ceiling. This allows for full extension of the biceps. Now begin to pull the bar up along the body, keeping in contact with the body the entire time you bring the bar up to the sternoclavicular notch. Look down as you bring the bar up to the sternoclavicular notch. Hold the bar there tightly for 2-6 seconds squeezing the biceps tightly. Now release and slowly- I mean very slowly- come back down the same way as you went up, dragging the barbell down the body. You don’t want to rush the negative this is very important. Your brain will tell you to go fast because you will be in pain. Override the brain and take the pain. While you are going down I want you to press your arms close to your body and feel the total isolation tension on the biceps. . Focus on the tension on the outside of the arms. With practice you can master this movement. Once you understand it and follow it to the letter then you will notice how different your arms will look compared to doing the standard barbell curl. The standard barbell curl is useless, it activates more of the anterior deltoid than bicep. When the anterior bicep gets over developed it makes the biceps look small. The Body Drag is the best for developing the outside head of the bicep. Give it a try I guarantee you will get a tremendous pump.


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