Only Developing The Physical Realm of Unconsciousness

One of the problems I see in society is the obsessive fixation on the physical realm. We live in a physical visible world this is obvious. Are perceptions and operating system is based only on what we see right in front of us. Some people have more information stored in their memory banks than others, simply, because they have lived on earth longer. Regardless of age, it is apparent that most human beings only understand that which is right in front of them. They can only assimilate information that is tangible. It seems that the intelligence of humans is based only on factual information that has happened on earth. The more we get enveloped on one realm of consciousness the more we lose connection of the other realms of consciousness. It seems that our society is an unconscious entity that operates in a primitive operating system. It is a fear based operating system that gravitates toward only those things that are known. The physical body is a temporary energy system designed to terminate after so many years. The purpose of the body is to receive and encode information gathered here on the earth. Giving rise to the physical realm. How we interpret the information determines how we evolve into a higher conscious society. Unfortunately, I feel that we are not progressing toward the real reason of the human experience rather we are stuck in a state of unconsciousness. Some where along the way in societal development the human ego and vanity got in the way with the universal plan of achieving collective consciousness. We have become stagnant in unconsciousness. Many people have stopped any further development and are fixated at the physical realm. They obsess about their physical appearance, worry about their life, and are negative attributes to society. They worry about not having enough physical stuff to pacify their time. They tend to be superficial and disconnected from their true purpose of living on earth. They are stuck in an unconscious physical realm.

An unconscious physical realm is based on a false disconnect from the conscious physical realm, in that the operating system is more primitive and blind in development. Where as the true essence of conscious physical realm is to help a gain a greater sense of the earth and ourselves in a physical way to receive and interpret information to help enhance the higher levels of consciousness. When one becomes fixated to the physical realm they become infantile in spiritual and universal consciousness. To create wholeness requires a balance among all facets of life. Our purpose on this planet is far greater than we know. The purpose of exercise for me is to turn on the energy systems from within me to boost the cells to charge up all the organs and systems. This surge of energy ignites the neurons of the brain to fire off and to boost my awareness. I am in the constant pursuit of total conscious awareness. I realize that the physical realm will fade away. But the work I do now to create a greater level of consciousness will make passing on into the spiritual realm more comforting for me. Once we understand the true purpose of our existence we no longer will have fear or regrets heading into the next realm of universal life.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed