Having A Plan

I am convinced that most people who workout have no idea what they are doing. They are simply wasting time. Exercise is only a metabolic booster. It is a way to challenge the neuromuscular system in a controlled setting. When you exercise in a gym, at home or outside the body doesn’t care where you are. Nerve stimulation is nerve stimulation. I don’t care if you are lifting a huge boulder over your head or a barbell. The same hormonal sequence and fiber breakdown is the same in both cases.

The goal of weight training is to produce a stimulation to the muscles that elicits a physiological change. With this change comes new growth patterns. This process of activating more muscle cells ultimately helps with fat and sugar metabolism, as well as, energy production. In addition, the immune properties are enhanced and improved allowing greater protection against free radical invaders. Exercise is a controlled stress. Changing the body requires a decisive plan of attack.

I am often amazed at the amount of people who have no idea how to train. I even see this at my own gym. I have members that don’t want my help. They just want the basic membership with no personal instruction. They come in day in and day out doing the same old thing and never seeing results. They will never ask me for help, which I find strange. I opened this gym to help people achieve results. I didn’t open this gym just to sit behind a desk staring at people exercising incorrectly.

What people are doing wrong:

1. They have no plan.

2. They lack knowledge about how the nervous system works.

3. They lack knowledge about how muscles work.

4. They lack knowledge about how the body metabolizes fat and sugar.

5. They lack the knowledge to know when to change the program.

6. They lack the knowledge to know what exercise sequence works and what doesn’t.

7 They follow a bodybuilder’s plan that isn’t right for them.

8. They weight train ineffectively over developing muscles that shouldn’t be over developed.

9. They do the same thing for months on end.

10. They don’t use the right intensity to stimulate the muscles.

11. They don’t supplement their diet.

12. They don’t know to avoid overtraining.

13. They under train.

14. They fail to ask questions to those of us that have spent our life training and designing programs, that are proven to work.

I would think that the goal for most people who exercise is to see results. But then again maybe people don’t want to see results. They like spinning their wheels in the mud and going nowhere. For me, I like to see changes in my body and if something isn’t working I will discontinue the program and change it up to one that works.

Having a plan will keep you motivated and progressing. There are many systems out there that work. I have been writing programs for people for over 22 years and I know what seems to work well and what doesn’t. If you have any questions and would like my professional opinion just email me and I will answer your questions. I want to help you out.

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