What is Your True Earthly Purpose

I often wonder how many people actually love what they do for a career. Are they really following their true earthly purpose. Do they really love sitting behind a desk pushing papers? Do they really love sitting in a toll booth shack collecting money from angry people? Do they love waiting tables? Do they love having no say or identity in a factory? I believe that we all have a purpose here on earth. Some folks have tapped into their purpose and are following it. While others are just surviving day to day with no purpose, direction or passion. Some one asked me once, “why do you own a gym? You won’t be a millionaire. You should do something else if you want to make money.” I told them that the reason why I own a gym is because I believe my purpose on earth is to teach people how to take care of their body. Some guys praise God for their talent on the playing field. Musicians will praise God for their gift of singing. I praise God for directing me into helping people change their life for the better. There is nothing greater than to see someone who was weak become stronger and healthier.

My true purpose in life is to learn as much about the human body, exercise and nutrition as I can during my career years. I suppose professional athletes have a purpose. They entertain the masses. The toll collector has a purpose. They have to collect money to help pay for the roads. My purpose is to teach humans how to take care of the body. Without folks like myself out there teaching proper nutrition and exercise then the human species would become weak and ill. We all have a particular purpose. For me it has never been about the money. Though money is important and it is how we all have to survive, I want people to get healthy.

The other day a woman came to see me at my gym. She was a former member. I asked her how she had been. She told me that she had been ill and lost her job. She hasn’t been coming to the gym because she couldn’t afford it. This type of situation can happen to anyone of us. I felt for her. I told her not to worry about the money. Money is secondary to your health. Your health is most important. I have the tools at the gym to help you feel better. Your first priority should be to take care of your health. Sitting at home stressed, depressed and anxious will only compromise your immune system, making you more sick. Why don’t you come in and start working out? You can pay me when you can. We all are apart of the human race and if I have the tools to help someone it is my purpose to help. For me it is all about helping folks feel their best.

I will admit that my business took hit from the recession. Many folks can’t afford to workout. I understand their situation. I, myself, have suffered a loss in income. But rather than wallowing in negativity and self doubt. I continue to do what I do best. I mean are we all supposed to stop living life just because some mathematical equation tells us to. It is crazy to think that we all live by numbers and paper. I love what I do. I continue to push forward, staying positive knowing that what I am doing is for the good of mankind. I have a purpose and that purpose is getting and keeping people healthy, fit and to provide greater awareness on how to eat effectively. The amount of people that I have helped change their life is priceless. You can’t put a price on helping someone feel better about themselves. What attracts us to each other is energy. Energy drives civilization. If there was more positive energy in this world people would be happier and less fearful. Unfortunately, our world is driven by negative energy. This negative energy comes in the form of fear, negativity, hate. I believe that there is so much negativity because many folks are just surviving and have not tapped into their true potential. They struggle with who they are. This conflict causes anxiety, depression, stress, anger, fear.

So I ask you. Are you truly loving what you are doing on earth? What contributions are you making to society? Are you just a check collector, punching in and punching out on a time clock like a robot with no passion? Or are you making a difference in someone’s life?

Once you unlock your true purpose you will begin to live life and feel that you have meaning. There is a great quote from the LIfe is Good company. “Do What You like, Love What you Do.”

I find that this also translates with exercise. If you truly love to workout you will be successful. If you just go through the motions and have no passion for what you are doing, chances are you will not succeed.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed

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