In this day and age it hard to get all the essential nutrients that we need to take in on a daily basis from diet alone. Taking supplements can help ensure that you get the correct amount of nutrients in your diet. I have been taking supplements for over 22 years and I attribute my body building results to them. I have tried to body build without supplements and I noticed a loss in my gains. Many people oppose the use of supplements and that is their choice. I have experimented for years on the validity of various supplements and have found that there are crucial ones that everyone should take. At my gym I don’t ever tell anyone about supplements unless they ask me. The reason I don’t talk about supplements to everyone is because people feel that they are being “sold” something. i am not a pill pusher or a fast talking salesman. I know what works and what doesn’t. In a way it is like my little secret and I keep it to myself. Everyone has their own opinions about supplements and I don’t want to get into who’s right and who’s wrong. I just know what works for me. When I want to lose body fat for a contest I will take the following supplements; Fat Burners, L-Carnitine, Liquid L-Carnitine mixed in water during the workout, digestive enzymes (everyday), dessicated liver tablets, free form amino acids, Sterol complex, Chromate, lipotropic plus, multi-vits, branched chain aminos, flax seed oil tablets. These are my supplements of choice they work phenomenally for me and I can get ripped in 4 weeks from taking them. In addition to taking these supplements I take in all the essential nutrients 5-6 times per day.

When I want to build more muscle I will take creatine monohydrate, free form amino acids, dessicated liver tablets, sterol complex, branched chain aminos, protein shakes, I consume about 1 to 2 dozen eggs a day along with all the essential nutrients needed to repair muscle tissue. My nutritional needs are different than the average person ,therefore, I can consume a tremendous amount of protein. I don’t really care what the media and medical profession says about protein. I know what works for me and I only follow my own body’s rhythm. Many folks freak out when I tell them how many eggs I consume. Well I don’t advocate that they follow my diet. If my body couldn’t handle the protein I take in I would have been dead years ago. I never conformed to the dietary rules set forth by the medical world and the FDA. I like to challenge nutritional rules because I feel that body builders push their body through limits that require advanced dietary methods in order to grow.

There are thousands of different supplements out there that I have yet to try. I found that the ones I use work so there is no need to change them at this time. I do find it interesting that at my gym I have a bunch of supplements on the shelves and only 2 people in ten years have ever asked me questions about them. I have them in the business because they work and I only sell products that I use myself. Yet, I will never approach people to sell my products. I figure that if someone wants my help then they will ask.

The bottom line is that supplements work and they can help propel the fat burning process, help muscle repair and re-growth, help bone repair, muscle metabolism, and balance electrolytes, improve immunity, and balance out the central nervous system. If you ever have any questions regarding what supplements you should take please email me at dconant2004@yahoo.comI will tell you the ones that work for me.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed

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