Here’s What Some are Saying

Here are what some of the folks are saying about diet EARTH.

“Just completed reading “diet Earth” and it is excellent… truly one-of-a-kind!

This should be mandatory reading, as a text book on nutrition and exercise… in all of our schools.” Steve Speyrer

” Very informative. Daryl’s insight and ideas about nutrition is eye and mind opening. He makes the complex science of physiology easy to understand. Great book”. Thank you Daryl.” John Marshall

” Thank you for the Diet Earth book. I have been reading it while I’m on the treadmill at the gym. I like how you explain things in a way I can understand, it’s a very easy read.” Kerry Weigle

” The book is well written and very informative. It’s wicked awesome!! Scott Duletzke

” Great Job Daryl! Thank you for putting this out.” Diane Morgan

” Everyone should read this book. The concepts you have come up with make alot of sense. I always followed the mainstream nutrition ideas. You have made me re-think about how to eat and what to eat. I never realized that I was doing harm from eating foods that were low calories.” Mike Tomlison

” Well done! Easy to read, lots of pictures.” Jenny Comeau

” Good information. The sample meal plans help to understand what, how and when to eat. Thanks Daryl.” Brian Boucher

” I recommend this book to anyone interested in learning how exercise and nutrition help burn fat.” Leslie Martin

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Thank you all for emailing me your testimonials. I greatly appreciate your support.


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