Allergy or Cold?

Daryl’s FIT TIP of the Day: 
The changing of seasons, especially in New England, creates a plethora of airborne antigens. Runny noses, chronic sneezing, headaches, nausea, low energy, itchy skin and eyes are all symptoms of allergies. Colds on the other hand have the same symptoms as allergies except there is usually a slight fever accompanying the ill effects.
Allergies are more time dependent, meaning that they are more concentrated during the morning and afternoon hours and can last for months during a particular season of the year. Colds are virus based and are usually resolved within 5-10 days.
Food allergies differ from seasonal allergies in that there is a chemical in the food that causes an allergic reaction within the body. If this chemical is not identified and the person continues eating it they will continue to have allergic symptoms, similar to seasonal allergies. But the problem is that the immune system is working hard to remove the toxic invader and if the toxin keeps entering the body the immune system will weaken creating other more serious physiological dysfunction and illness.
So before blowing a histamine mist spray up your nose or taking some special herbal remedy it is important to identify what you are allergic too, or if you are suffering from a general cold.
Taking the wrong remedy can exacerbate the condition making matters worse.
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