Solving Cancer

Every year billions of dollars is raised for cancer research. The research is for trying to solve the problem of how to stop the development of cancer in the human body. All the research seems to be focused in the wrong direction. The money and research should be directed toward attacking food companies. The chemicals, preservatives, antibiotics, trans fats, exocitotoxins, nitrates, canola oil, additives are all contributing to cancer in humans. Most of our food is tainted with cancer producing agents. I am appalled at the lack of regulation from the FDA. The government will prosecute Amish farmers for selling raw milk, but won’t do anything to all the food companies that are killing people with their dangerous compounds put in their products. All the research that is going on will only be useful for producing new drugs to try and fix the damage in the body from the food we eat. 

If the government and researchers were really serious about eliminating most cancers all they have to do is look in our food supply, all the answers are there. Nothing angers me more than to read food labels and to see that most of the product contains cancer producing agents. Something is seriously wrong with this. Unfortunately, this issue is not important for either political party running for president. Unbelievable!

Daryl Conant, M.Ed