Shattered Innocence

As I sit in front the television watching the horror of a small town unfold I can’t help watch without tears streaming down my face. I am speechless transfixed in a hollow numbness trying to comprehend such a terrible tragedy that has just happened. Children are the most pure, the most innocent, and the beacons of light in this world. Innocence in the town of Newton was penetrated by the most negative of all energy.

Events like this are hard to imagine. It is often asked, ” why would a loving God allow such a thing to happen.” It’s not God that allows this it is we as a people who allow this. We are all to blame for this. Human consciousness has become a selfish, materialistic, cynical, greedy, corrupt entity that produces a negativity that is becoming a stronger force every day. The loss of these beautiful angels is another blow to what this country once was– innocent.

Christmas is supposed to be a time for celebrating life, compassion for one another, and honoring Love– the grandest of all positive energy. This tragedy represents what we have become as a society. It has pierced the sides of our unconscious body and has made us for a moment awaken to the true reality of our own self preservation. Their were many innocent lives lost, sacrificed, to an evil energy. Love is the grandest of all energy, where there is love their is positivity. Take away Love and you are left with reckless abandonment, selfishness, hatred, cynical belief system, useless, ungovernable behavior patterns –negativity in its greatest form.

When we are born we are born into the purest light there is. We are an organic raw energy that has no regulations. It is up to the caretakers to mold and shape this reckless, pure energy into a controlled and contained system. Failure to spend the time nurturing and developing this uninhibited energy into positive energy causes the transformation of negative energy. We all have negative and positive energy flowing through our bodies, this is fact. What matters is knowing how to control the energy. If negative energy becomes the dominant energy within the body then the molecular neuronal sequence is compromised and personality is then altered. Selfishness, hatred, anger, no caring, no affect on compassion for others, narcissism, non remorseful unconscious abandonment is the result of years of a negligent and misguided, unregulated up bringing.

Our society has become a selfish, get all “I” can, lazy, cynical, negative entity. Pushing from the forefront positive belief systems that nurture and cultivate Love within each of us. Positivity has been repressed in the collective subconscious of society. It has to take a tragedy so heinous to spark a moment of our unity within those of us who still believe in Love to care of each other. All we can do is embrace this feeling within ourselves and hold onto it to be able to continue to share it with all of those we come in contact with. For the true meaning of Christmas is not the materialistic hoopla, but rather the fact that we are given a gift, a gift of pure innocence in the form of LOVE. And it is this time each year that we are reminded of this grand energy. Light came into this world to shine upon the negativity and darkness. It is up to each and every one of us to preserve and pass on this illuminating loving energy.

We as a society have lost sight of our true purpose on Earth. Until we collectively come together as a whole to eradicate the increase continuation of negative energy among us, we will continue to be subjected to horrific events like we experienced in Newton, in the mall, in the movie theater, in Virginia, in Chicago, in Washington D.C, in New York, and in Columbine.

The truth is, is that negativity is becoming the norm and if we don’t take the individual responsibility of nurturing positive energy then we are going to experience things far worse than what we have already seen. Negative energy is non-biased, non-discriminatory, it is a reckless energy that preys on innocence. It harbors itself in the most vulnerable, the most unsuspecting, and releases its fury at any time without judgement or mercy.

For parents it is our responsibility to nurture the energy that we created, our children. Neglecting our responsibility as a positive role model and caretaker makes us to blame for the horrific events that transpire among society.

Through this tragedy perhaps we can all reflect and put into perspective what our true purpose is and what Christmas truly means.

My thoughts are with the families of Newtown. Newtown represents every small town in America. We lost a piece of America today. Another blow to our innocence. There are no words to say for the loss of such young beautiful souls. I hope that Newton can someday heal and make some resolution from all this. But too many lives have been destroyed for us to ever look beyond this. Scars from this heinous wound will always remain in the forefront of American history. Looking ahead into the years to come we will reflect back to this time and remember that December 14, 2012 was the day America lost its innocence…

Rest in peace all those that lost their lives in Newton… You beautiful angels… 

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Daryl Conant, M.Ed