Are You Here To Watch T.V. or Workout?

Well another milestone has been achieved at The Fitness Nut House. I have been confronted with one of the most unbelievable phrases of all time. The other day I was taking a couple through a tour of my gym.  I was explaining to them all the programs I offer. I showed them all the equipment that I use to help people transform their body. I explained in depth the reason why I have the kind of equipment I have. I spent about 20 minutes discussing my F.I.T. Program, nutritional counseling and all the other programs I offer. And then at the end the gentleman looks into my eyes and asks, ” ” WHERE ARE THE TELEVISIONS”??? I said in bewilderment “excuse me, I didn’t hear you.” He repeated the phrase and I was a bit speechless. Then I pointed to the 4 plasma 40inch t.v’s I have hanging from the ceiling. He replied by saying that he doesn’t want to have to look away from the machine to watch television. He told me that he was at a gym that has televisions right on the machines. I said “sir are your here to watch television or are you here to get results with working out?”

Folks I have to say that I am not in the entertainment business, I am in the business of transforming bodies and reducing risk factors. I didn’t open up this gym to cater to the unconscious watching of television. I recently purchased 2 brand new pieces of cardio equipment. I know about the bells and whistles of new technology and I could have purchased treadmills with t.v’s but I find television a negative entity and I am trying to create a positive environment. I was always against television in a gym because it only brings in negative ideas, and fear. Yet, everyone has to know what is going on every second of their day. Heaven forbid if CNN wasn’t on 24/7 what would we do? Or if the stock channel wasn’t on sending coded messages to only those that know what they mean. What would actually happen if we weren’t always plugged in? A couple of years ago I broke down and purchased 4 plasma televisions because the demand from my members was so high. Reluctantly, I caved in and bought them. I figured I could have some control of what was being broadcasted. I hooked up DVD’s to them. I like to keep my gym a positive experience to make working out fun. I broadcast seinfield episodes, cheers episodes, ski video’s and music concerts, and have only one news station (which I don’t like) and one sports channel. I figured that some people just need to have something to look at while they are plugged into either a wireless transmitter or their ipod. I never watch television when I workout it is too distracting. For some people they need to have something in the background to focus on to make the time go by.

The other night I took my family out to dinner. At the table you could see across the room to a television on the wall. There was no sound just closed caption. All the people who could see the television were watching it. Do you think anyone was having a meaningful conversation with the people they were with at the table? We are so fixated to television that we lose our own reality. To think that we can’t workout without having to be plugged into a television set is crazy.

We walk around like drowns waiting for the unconscious box to tell us our next move. I have found that people that have to always be plugged in seem to have a tough time being alone.

Did you know that you don’t actually need to spend a lot of time on a piece of cardio equipment anyway.  15-20 minutes is really all you need. That isn’t even enough time to watch a full show. If I felt that cardiovascular was super important and that I wanted people to watch movies I would have all my machines with televisions on them and serve popcorn and soda. However, I don’t feel the need to spend thousands of dollars on bells and whistles so that people can get caught up on their news, etc. This is another reason why you won’t see rows and rows of cardiovascular machines at my gym. The best FAT BURNER OF ALL IS RESISTANCE TRAINING, not cardiovascular exercise. Come and see me and I will show you an exercise program that will burn more fat from your body than hours of running on a treadmill would ever do. Television– are you kidding me.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed