Marketing Hype

Over the past few months I have been working on developing a new website.  I am not well versed in computer programming and have hired a company to develop a more interactive site.

I am excited for a new site.  But here is my problem.  I have had people tell me that in order to have people interested in my site I need to be more animated and commercialized.  This goes against my philosophy and it is not me.  I am not a used car sales man.  I am not a hollywood actor. I am not a fitness model getting paid to look pretty.  I am who I am, nothing fancy.

Once I was doing a video demonstrating a particular exercise and the person behind the camara said I needed to be more animated  with high energy, because that is what sells.  They said I need to be like the dude in the PX90 commercials.  Well folks I have to say that is not me.  If I have to be something that I am not then I don’t want to do it.  I did a quick video blog once discussing weight loss. I set up a camara and started taping.  It was only meant to be a quick video on the myth of weight loss. The information I presented was what I wanted to put out.  Unfortunately, a person commented saying that I wasn’t animated enough for her and she clicked out of my site before finishing the video blog.  She said that many people would be turned off by the quality of the video.  I was giving away free information and wasn’t selling anything. It was a spare of the moment idea I had and wanted to share it.  Little did I know that it would get such reviews.    bodybuilding bodybuildingbodybuildingbodybuilding

It seems like today that every product has an over the top in your face  marketing scheme. And that if you don’t have the same professional marketing scheme then you won’t make an impact and no one will stay on your site or purchase your services. They tell me that it is all about sucking people into your site with some type of hook. In a way manipulating the person to believe that they just have to have your product or service. Playing on the societal phenomenon known as instant gratification buying.

I like to sell myself in the way that I am, honest and candid.  I don’t want to read from scripts or have a hollywood set with all the fancy bells and whistles. My passion is fitness and nutrition and I don’t care about the hype. I guess I am much like Vince Gironda in that respect. He was the real deal and wasn’t into all the hype and glamour of the commercialized franchised gyms. He wasn’t on television jumping around and selling hype. He was the iron guru, who worked in the trenches of bodybuilding.

Unfortunately, our society strives for hype and high end marketing programs.  The more sensational it is the better it must be.  Call me old fashioned but I like providing an honest, worthwhile program that works. It might not be the prettiest or most glamourous but my methods work and that is all that counts.

I want people to know that I am just like them.  The only difference is, is that I have a certain knowledge base and years of experience to pull from to help people get great results when changing their physique.

I will work with anyone, no matter what age, gender, body type. Everybody can benefit from fitness and eating right. My purpose is to direct people onto the right path to seeing results and feeling better, not to be a Hollywood actor.

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