Live Devine with a Supple Spine

Daryl’s FIT TIP of The Day: LOOK 10-20 YEARS YOUNGER
Go to work on yourself! One of the main keys to looking 10-20 years younger is keep the spine active and strive for flexibility and elasticity in every part of your body, especially your spine! Also, remember to stand, walk and sit tall because all youthful-looking people have good posture!
The spine is a marvelous instrument as well as the central support of the whole body. It is made up of a flexible column of squarish bones that are joined together with rubbery puffs called discs. This wonderful piece of equipment stores its own lubrication in little sacs at the joints. The spine was designed for action! Keep it loose and supple, and your whole body will move with grace, ease and youthfulness.
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