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Hello Daryl thanks for answering our questions. I appreciate it cause I been trying to find answers to these.


1. Vince Gironda advocates glandulars. I agree with them being nutrient dense next to eggs, milk and steak. But what scientific evidence do they hold to raise testosterone? Specifically orchic?

Supplements aren’t anabolic. They only help assist in the production of testosterone. In order for testosterone to be produced their must be a series of chemical reactions in the body through a variety of enzymatic changes. In order to boost the levels of testosterone these synergistic reactions must be synchronized at the right time during recovery. Supplements such as glandulars and orchic help assist in providing the essential driving nutrients that are responsible for the molecular reactions necessary for building the machinery of the cells. When the cells are built and cleared waste products the synthesis of testosterone can reload and provide the anabolic drive necessary for future muscular workloads. When a supplement claims that it increases testosterone levels. It doesn’t increase the physicality of testosterone. If it did that would be known as a anabolic steroid. What is meant by these claims is that the product is a precursor to testosterone in that it helps support the necessary chemical reactions in the cell (nucleus, ribosomes, etc.) to help synthesis new testosterone production. Glandulars are great because “glands nourish like glands”. Vince turned me on to glandulars twenty years ago. The premise is if you keep your organs and glands well nourished then they will be able to do their job must more efficiently. When the vital organs are working optimally then hormone production, blood production, and the anabolic properties of the muscle cell are enhanced. Which is the reason why supplements are so crucial in the health of the body.

Here is how Orchic works

Healthy Orchic Gland Function

The testes secrete several male sex hormones, collectively called androgens. Testosterone, the most abundant of these androgens, is responsible for the distinguishing characteristics of the masculine body. Testosterone influences protein formation, muscle function, basal metabolism, and red blood cell formation. Testosterone functions as part of an intricate feedback system in conjunction with the hypothalamus and the anterior pituitary gland to help regulate male sexual functions.

How Orchic Keeps You Healthy

Orchic is a derivative testicular glands. If the testis are healthy then the manufacturing of testosterone is optimal. Orchic maintains cellular health Protomorphogen™ extract is the brand name of Standard Process’ extracts derived from nucleoprotein-mineral molecules. The foundation for the function of these uniquely formulated nucleoprotein-mineral extracts comes from the antigen-antibody reaction that takes place during normal cell maintenance. The antigenic properties promote healthy cellular division, function, and growth. When a tissue needs support, at least a dozen different compounds are formed that can cause white blood cells to travel together toward the compromised area. These compounds include degenerative products of the tissues themselves. They strongly activate the macrophage system, and within a few hours, the macrophages begin to devour the destroyed tissue byproducts. At times, the macrophages can also affect the structure of the remaining healthy cells. Please refer my blog entry entitled What is Hypertrophy? How does the muscle cell increase? (February 11, 2010 entry) for a more in depth look at the cellular level.

The bovine orchic PMG™ extract in Orchic PMG appears to neutralize the circulating antibodies, thereby contributing to the maintenance of cellular health. Improves calcium absorption and supports nervous system function. Calcium lactate is a highly soluble calcium salt and naturally bioavailable –it changes to calcium bicarbonate (the type used by the body) in one chemical step. Unlike some other forms of calcium that are less soluble in water and need higher acid concentrations to be absorbed, calcium lactate exists near a more neutral pH and does not require acid conditions to work. Calcium is important for the healthy functioning of the nervous system and transmission of nerve impulses. The calcium lactate in Orchic PMG is derived from pure-vegetable sources of calcium, not dairy sources.

Sustains metabolic efficiency

While magnesium is present in most cells in only minute quantities, it plays an important role in human metabolism, as does its partner, calcium. It functions in such reactions as nerve conduction and nerve excitability, transfer of energy, muscular activity, and many other specific processes. Magnesium functions as a cofactor, assisting enzymes in catalyzing many chemical reactions. Magnesium and calcium are synergistic, meaning that what they do for the body together, they cannot perform on their own.

Personally I take orchic 1 hour before workouts on an empty stomach. Then I take it right after workouts.

2. Eating 6 small meals vs 3-4? I hear eating 3 meals is great for curing leptin resistance? How does this affect a person trying to achieve a lean physique?

The body regulates to different bio-rhythms. Yes eating 3 meals a day can help regulate the leptin resistance for people who are accustomed to eating three meals a day. The body will adapt to the food intake and will activate the hunger sequence during the day to match the bio-rhythms. However, eating three times a day might not be the best for people because of the over consumption factor. Many people will over consume too much food in order to fill up. This will over time produce digestion distress and stretching of the stomach and intestines. Causing over production of Ghrelin and leptin. If a person is active and trying to maintain lean body mass it is better to eat 5-6 small meals (the size of your hand) to help keep the digestive system working optimally without overloading the system. The hunger hormone levels will change, adapting to to eating every couple of hours. This change in the bio-rhythms will cause you to have to eat every few hours. If you miss meals then the hunger hormones will fire off forcing the need for food. The key is to stick with a plan and not to deviate from it. The food must be consistent at the same time of day in order satisfy the regulatory systems. The goal is to digest as much of the food as you take in. When you are not getting the nutrients in then the systems are compromised. By eating small nutrient dense foods throughout the day will keep your hormones regulated and balanced. It will also encourage keeping the stomach small. Also, eating frequently will keep the intestines contracting throughout the day allowing for greater calorie production in that area. No need to do thousands of sit-ups just eat small meals to keep the mid section small.

3. Did Vince ever do sprints?

I don’t know if he ever did sprints. He wouldn’t oppose sprints. He would recommend jumping rope, cycling, and sprinting as ways to improve the cardiovascular system. He would always make reference to having muscle like a sprinter. Would you rather look like a sprinter or a marathon runner? Wind sprints are a great anaerobic exercise to do. They can be done during vacations or resting weeks when not lifting weights.

4. When is the best time of the day to take a lipotropic?

Lipotropics can be taken throughout the day. I prefer taking them with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Make sure to have fat with protein shakes after workouts.

5. How much iodine should people get in their diet?

Iodine is an essential trace mineral. It helps in the production of thyroxin. Thyroxin is secreted by the thyroid gland. Those deficient in iodine can develop goiters, and thermogenic dysfunction. The recommended daily allowance is 150 micrograms or .15 mg per daily. That is equivalent to taking in about a 1/2 teaspoon of celtic sea salt, or 1 kelp tablet. I take 18.5 mg of potassium iodine daily in supplement form. There is no need to take in large amounts of iodine. But you want to make sure that you take in enough to maintain good health of the thyroid.

6. Isn’t training 5x a week raise cortisol if done too frequently? And how is growth hormone effected done 5-6x a week? Both short workouts though max 40min sessions.

Cortisol levels increase from stress. The more stress you place on the endrocrine system the more cortisol is produced. So you must train according to the physiological laws that govern the body. You can train 5 times a week, but you must know how to change the intensities of the exercise and know what body parts to work. The muscle needs 48 hours to recuperate. Also, the duration of the training session must be considered. Exercising too long will produce too much catecholamine production which ultimately will cause the muscles to shrink, and compromising the immune system. If you don’t over exceed the release of cortisol then you can recover in time to train the next day. If over train you will notice a big change in your energy and repairability. The key is to train 30-40 minutes with the right amount of intensity. Too much intensity 90-100% maximum is not necessary.

Growth hormone secretes in varying intensities. You can secrete growth hormone if training correctly everyday. By changing the exercise protocols frequently will produce new stimulation to the endrocrine and nervous system. Whenever there is a change in the adaptability of these two systems growth hormone is secreted to help re-establish adaptation. Growth hormone is secreted during the following stages of training.

1. warm-up 50% maximum, 2. Lifting stage 85% maximum, 3. Heavy training beyond capacity (the fear zone) 100-110% maximum, 4. Flushing or burning stage (30-45%). Knowing how to train and manipulate the weights to allow for greater growth hormone secretion is the name of the game when it comes to body building.

There is a fine line to staying anabolic and catabolism. You can train everyday if you know how to control your endrocrine system. Many people overtrain and end up damaging their systems.

7. Vince advocates low stomach pH but isn’t true muscles prefer a basic vs acidic environment? Hence fat + protein + greens are the ideal meal? With hcl tabs and digestive enzymes for optimal digestion.

I don’t know where you heard that Vince advocates low stomach PH. He would advocate an alkaline diet for those trying to lose weight and for those that have been on a high protein diet for long periods of time. They would only stay on the alkaline diet for a short time. He was advocated the use of digestive enzymes to help breaks down food. His high protein diets produced an acidic environment. High acidic states actually kill off virus’. Low ph levels habor viruses. You are correct fat+protein+greens are the ideal meal along with digestive enzymes. Vince was all about fat and protein.

Thank you for the questions.


Daryl Conant, M.Ed

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