Gimmicks for Weight Loss

Daryl’s FIT TIP of the Day: 
The reason why gimmicks like, lose weight in 90 days, get ripped in 90 days, transform your body in 90 days, etc. work is because people feel more compelled to have a certain time frame to achieve their goals, and will stay devoted to it knowing that there is an end date. Also, they are changing their way of living from an out of control, unstable, unorganized, unhealthy way into a more structured and disciplined way of living. There is NO MAGIC to these programs it’s all about committing to a plan. Anyone can do it! It just takes perseverance, discipline, and commitment. Most people operate in a “sheep herd” mentality and must conform and follow what others do. They can’t do it by themselves, they have to feel a sense of belonging to others like them. This is why many of the 90 day programs are so successful. First the program intices a person by pulling on their heart strings by telling stories of heartache, frustration, and despair. Then they motivate by showing how these people who were down on their luck have changed their life through the program. This is what “hooks” people into the program.
Though there is nothing wrong with the 90 day gimmick programs, they can work for those who stay committed to them. It is when people stop living the newly found lifestyle after the 90 days and go back to their old ways of poor discipline. Staying committed to fitness and good nutrition is a lifestyle not an intermittent moment of time. The 90 day gimmick can help jumpstart your commitment, but you must learn strategies to LIVE it the rest of your life without having to keep falling into the trap of always STARTING from scratch. Maintaining body composition takes a lifetime to achieve.
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