Lost in Cellular Complacency

I always find it amazing that people get accolades when they lose weight. People praise a person when they look good. They never praise a person when they look bad. This reinforcement of positive feedback is why so many people force themselves to exercise. They look good as long as they keep up with the exercise program. However, many people fall back into poor habits and end up having to do it all over again. I find this process of constantly battling going from fat to thin a paradox in the human experience.  I don’t believe that the body was designed to constantly be fluctuating in weight. If the person was fit then the need to be over consumed about having to lose weight would go away. They would have more time to improve other areas of their being. Humans should not have to constantly fight their weight. I believe that a person can be fit their whole life as long as they stay disciplined to it. Once you are fit and look the way you want, you should be able to stay that same size for most of your life. In fact, once you get in the best condition your genetics and age will allow you don’t have exercise as much. Those that exercise for hours are not in the fit condition that is optimal to maintain their weight. They have to exercise for long periods, because they feel that this will in some way transform their body. But this only deters them from their goal.

I don’t get the mentality of getting out of shape. It seems that people join a health club for the sole purpose of losing weight. There aren’t too many people that I come in contact with that ever say that they exercise to better themselves as a human being. If it wasn’t for the idea of dropping pounds of fat then I don’t think many people would exercise. How many people reading this blog are actually enhancing their life through the use of exercise and dietary means? How many of you are actually wanting to experience greater levels of consciousness through the use of exercise? How many of you just want to workout unconsciously without any idea how to train in hopes to see results?  People are so fixated on the body image idea that they tend to lose focus on the main purpose here on Earth. Those that only care about using exercise as a way of dropping a few extra pounds are doomed for failure in their physical transformation. The body, mind and spirit are all interconnected. When we only exercise in one dimension we become unfit in the other areas. This makes for an imbalance. I call the people who are stuck in their conscious development as “lost in cellular complacency”. They become stagnant in their human body and are no longer striving to become something greater than they currently are.

Who really wants help? No one is talking about ways to improve upon all the other systems of the body.  They are only concerned with losing fat and having people take notice of how thin they are. The physical realm of existence is the easiest to understand because it is always present in our eyes. However, the real development and challenge lies within the deeper corners of our brain. This is something I strive to enhance. I am a teacher in the development of the “Whole body” not just fat loss. We have only just begun to tap into our inner greatness as humans. For some folks they will be lost in cellular complacency forever.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed