Steroid Freaks

I really must say that cheaters are losers.  I have had enough of hearing about another athlete being guilty of taking drugs.  I watched A-Fraud-A-Roid-A-hole make up some insincere crap about his ignorance of taking steroids.  He wants me to feel sorry for him, I don’t think so.  He claims that because he makes a lot of money he has tremendous pressure to live up to.  Well, dink (A-Roid) we all bust our ass working trying to make a living on a lot less money than you make and we all have the pressures of life on our shoulders.  We have to support families and make ends meet to survive, while jerks like you are playing a silly game.  I work over eighty hours a week and get run down. You don’t see me injecting steroids into my body to get the so called “energy boost.”  Give me a break!  My hate against steroids goes much further than the idiots playing baseball. I hate all the so called “bodybuilders” that claim they are natural when they are all taking drugs.  I was at the check out line at the grocery store the other day and I couldn’t help but notice a magazine called “Flex”. It is supposively a fitness magazine that promotes health and bodybuilding.  The guy that was on the cover was so over developed. He didn’t even look human.  These clowns are cheaters.  Ronnie Coleman the so called greatest bodybuilder of all time is trying to make a come back. What a joke this guy was an average looking guy 15 years ago, now he is this  mammoth out of proportion steroid freak.  There are pictures online that show the before and after transformaton of this idiot.  Jay Cutler is a poser who looks fat and bloated on the off season and then magically appears in the summer magazines all ripped and shredded at 250 pounds.  Do the editors of these so called muscle magazines think that the general public are dumb and will believe that these clowns are natural.  It is bullshit!!  The steroid users have tainted the world of naturalism.  Those idiots look terrible anyway.  If that what the best looking body in the world is supposed to look like, then that is messed up.  I will take a physique like Eugene Sandow or Vince Gironda, Steve Reeves any day over the crap that is being presented today.  I train hard within my own genetic limits.  I don’t have the need for sticking a needle in my ass to win some stupid trophy or to be on a propaganda magazine cover.  I am too intelligent to do stupid things like that.  STEROIDS ARE THE DRUGS OF CHEATERS!!!

Daryl Conant M.Ed