Elite Series

Daryl Conant’s ELITE SERIES

elite_seriesVince Gironda developed some of the greatest bodybuilding programs of all time. His Masters and Pro Series are masterpieces. But Vince is no longer around to develop programs. I believe that if he were still alive he would have developed the next level of bodybuilding programs for his students to progress.

When I was a student of Vince’s I couldn’t get enough of this man. His knowledge was vast and I wanted to know everything. After hearing about his death (1997) I couldn’t believe that this great wealth of knowledge was gone. I decided to carry the torch of his teachings and to continue his work. I realized that I had to progress in my training and had to continue to push my muscles to the next level. I successfully completed Vince’s programs for years, however, I needed to change them up in order to see new results. Vince taught me to always continue to find ways to stimulate the muscle to get a response. Once you hit a plateau it is time to change things up.

Once you develop a great looking physique you have to incorporate new ways to keep the gains from melting away. That is why I decided to develop another bodybuilding series.

The ELITE SERIES is the next level for the advanced bodybuilder who wants to make GREAT GAINS and to HAVE FUN DOING IT. These programs are designed to provide a great pump and to help you get results quickly. You will enjoy the programs so much that you cannot wait to get into the gym each day to perform the exercises.

The ELITE SERIES is set up as a monthly personal training system, just like Vince had set up with his mail order program. HERE IS HOW IT WORKS!

The ELITE SERIES is a 12 month program. Each month you will receive a new program. Each program is unique in building muscle. The techniques that I have developed are revolutionary. I have experimented with with hundreds of rep and set counts and a variety of different exercise combinations. The programs that are in the ELITE SERIES are by far the most effective for developing muscle. No matter what your body type is, you will make gains.

Through years of studying physiology and kinesiology I incorporate the right amount of sets and reps. You will be doing methodics that your muscles aren’t accustomed to. Shocking the system and constantly bypassing adaptation is the key to building muscle tissue. I teach you new ways to get stubborn muscle cells to respond.

Included in the program is a NUTRITIONAL PLAN and a SUPPLEMENT SCHEDULE. The same format Vince would incorporate in his programs. I use all of the current supplements from NSP (Natural Source Products– the same company Vince used thirty years ago).

In addition to getting an exercise plan and nutritional plan, I provide educational material to help you understand the program better. You will learn more about how the muscles work so that you can have a greater knowledge of kinesiology and physiology.

Lastly, you get one month of constant feedback and my help. You can email me any questions you may have at anytime during the month. I suggest that you send in pictures of your physique so I can provide you with the right exercises to match your strength and weaknesses.


  • 1 – Monthly Bodybuilding Program
  • 1 – Nutritional Plan
  • 1 – Supplement Plan
  • 1 – Instant Feedback and Support by Daryl

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