Does Aerobic Exercise Reduce Heart and Blood Disease?

Here is question that I was asked in the gym the other day.

Does aerobic exercise make a person immune to heart and blood vessel disease?

Although aerobically fit individuals have a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease a regular aerobic exercise program by itself is not an absolute guarantee against cardiovascular disease. Overall risk factor management is the best guideline to minimize the risk for cardiovascular disease. Many factors can increase the person’s risk, including a genetic predisposition. Experts, however, believe that a regular aerobic exercise program will not only delay the onset of cardiovascular problems, but that the chances of surviving a heart attack are much greater for those who exercise regularly. Even moderate increases in aerobic fitness significantly decrease premature cardiovascular deaths. The Aerobic Research Institute in Dallas, Texas has done research on the link between moderate increases in aerobic fitness and cardiovascular mortality. They found that with moderate increases in aerobic fitness that there was a significant decrease in cardiovascular mortality among unfit and moderate fitness populations. A further decrease in cardiovascular mortality was observed among the highly fit as well, but the difference was not as large as the unfit and moderate fitness groups. 

Though exercise is not going to stop people from getting ill, developing disease or dying, regular exercise, however, can help reduce the onset of disease and illness, and can help reduce the onset of premature death. 

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