This is what I am talking about.

This is what I am talking about. This is Steve Speyrer. He is a natural bodybuilder who has a great looking physique.  He is what natural bodybuilding is all about, training hard, eating right, and building muscle within his own genetic capacity.  He has never taken drugs and is a great guy.  Good job Steve!

Introducing…Steve Speyrer

All Around Nice Guy!

One of the many good things about publishing Natural Champion online magazine is that we come in contact with so many genuinely nice people. One of the ‘nicest of the nice’ is the feature of this months Introducing… column – Steve Speyrer.

Though still a young man, Steve is a veteran of the Iron Game. Steve, who owns Classic Anatomy Gym in Leonville, Louisiana is a drug free bodybuilding and power lifting champion (check out the photo of Steve deadlifting 500 pounds at a bodyweight of 165 drug free, of course!), an author, fitness model and actor. He recently began publishing Classic Anatomy Magazine, a free online magazine devoted to bodybuilding, with emphasis on legendary bodybuilders of the past and drug free training.

Following are some comments in Steve’s own words from an on-line interview:

“I started bodybuilding in 1977. The sport was considered strange back then and anyone doing it was considered a “nut”!

It’s both great and sad in a way, that it became so popular years later.
Great because people experienced the benefits of it, and sad because we became part of pop culture fashion. Today working out is a norm.
Drugs ruined everything good, about the sport. If you take drugs and lie about it, people respect you. But, if you remain natural and admit it, people think that you don’t train hard enough.

That’s why it’s best to train for yourself.

My inspiration comes from the legendary bodybuilders from the past.
Vince Gironda, Dan Lurie, Steve Davis, Frank Zane, Anibal Lopez, Richard Baldwin, etc.

Times change and so do the fashions of the day. Physiques have a different standard. Bodybuilding for me is personal. And I like that, just fine.
I’m just glad to have won all of my competitions completely…. Drug-Free!

Today my trophies are full of dust and the memories of victory have faded, but I continue to enjoy good health…. Thank God!

I’ve just launched a new online bodybuilding publication and am looking forward to working with other online magazines, writers, bodybuilders and advertisers.

Our sport has been destroyed by division and only through unity…. can it rebuild.”

When questioned about his training and nutrition, Steve offered the following one-liners:

I train for quality first and size second.

I’ve never been a massive type of bodybuilder, so I went for the look of Vince Gironda, Steve Davis and Frank Zane.

I’ve had many training injuries over the years and have learned to train around them.

I train each body part, every ten days. This seems to work best.

I use all methods and feel that change is the best stimulate.

I never become bored and try to improve myself.

I never compete with others, as everyone is genetically different.

Even my bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions were used as motivation, in order to reach a personal best.

The best diet for my metabolism seems to be the low carbohydrate approach.

I have no off-season and remain in top form at all times, while trying to make improvements.

Being your personal best is the ultimate goal. It’s what you can do with you!

I mentioned at the beginning of this article that Steve Speyrer is among the ‘nicest of the nice’. Regardless of how busy he is, or what difficulties he may be encountering himself, he always has time to lend a helping hand or offer a word of encouragement to someone else in need – without a thought of anything in return.