There is No Guarantee

The one thing that is certain is uncertainty. The human body is a complex, sophisticated, genetic marvel. Every heart beat is a miracle. Living a long life is not guaranteed just because we exercise and eat right. The genetic coding in our DNA has been written the moment we were conceived. Exercise and good nutrition can help reduce the onset of certain diseases, but ultimately the codes will be triggered and will reprogram the immune system to begin system shutdown. This is a natural process that we all must face. Some may have to face it sooner than others. There is no written law that states that humans are guaranteed to live a hundred years. Every second of life is valuable. The chemicals that are in our food supply can contribute to activating the genetic triggers. Eating loads of chemical laden foods in your youth could cause illness later on in adulthood and could be the influencing factor to system shutdown.  No matter how health conscious you become in your later years of life, the damage could already have been done many years prior. Once the immune system begins to lose it’s fighting power, the free radicals that have been being defended eventually take over and begin controlling the systems of the body. We are all subjected to chemical poisons, all we can do is keep the immune system as healthy for as long as possible. 

Daryl Conant, M.Ed

“It’s not the length of the life that matters, it’s the quality of life, that is the gift that is given and remembered by others as being the true measure of the person.”