The AB Inferno

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Introducing THE AB INFERNO™ a new revolutionary abdominal training system, developed by Daryl Conant. The AB INFERNO™ is specifically designed to exercise the abdominals in a safe and effective way. The unique design of the lumbar pad and the Ab Mallots™ combined create a challenging and fun way of developing great looking abdominals. The lumbar pad reduces back pain by keeping the lumbar spine in it’s natural neutral position. While the Ab Mallots™ provide resistance and unique leverage points for working the abdominal muscles.


Here’s what you will get with your NEW AB INFERNO™

  • Daryl Conant’s special biomechanical lumbar pad. Custom pad made out of high quality materials.
  • Daryl Conant’s specifically designed custom made Ab Mallots™
  • A complete instructional book with illustrated pictures of all the exercises.
  • 1- Instructional DVD.
  • 3 Workouts on DVD. Beginner AB INFERNO™, Intermediate AB INFERNO™, and
  • Advanced AB INFERNO™.
  • Online support from Daryl Conant.

You get all of this for $129.95 (shipping and state tax charges not included).

What are you waiting for!

“Over the past 30 years I have tried just about every abdominal exercise out there, and nothing compares to my AB INFERNO™ system. I have created a better way to develop great looking abdominals, and now you too can benefit from this revolutionary product.”.

— Daryl Conant, M.Ed
Inventor of the Ab Inferno™ System.