The Kneeling Quadricep Stretch

Daryl’s FIT TIP of the Day: 
Previously in one of my fit tips I shared with you a great standing quadricep stretch, here is another great quadricep stretch the kneeling quad stretch. It is best performed with a pillow or soft pad to protect the knee. Simply kneel down on the leg that you want to stretch with the other foot on the floor. Holding onto a bar or stationary object grab hold of your foot and pull up towards your glutes while at the same time focus on pushing the hip forward slightly to engage the quadriceps into an intense stretch.
In my opinion I believe that most lower back pain is caused by dysfunctional serial patterns of the quadriceps. Sustained flexion (sitting), muscle imbalances (overtightness from overtraining with weights or running), and/or overall quadricep weakness influences back pain. Stretches like this one and the standing quadricep stretch are great ways for re-establishing quadricep functional extensibility decreasiing stress on the lumbar vertebral region.