FItness is The Key To Happiness

Stress effects us all.  It is how we deal with stress that counts.  For some people when the going gets tough they resort to comfort foods, alcohol, drugs,  or poor behaviors.   Weight gain, and psychological disorders can develop from poor lifestyle habits.  When studying the economy and how it effects people it is interesting to me that so many people live with an intense fear.  The first thing they cut out of their life is fitness.  When in all actuality, fitness, should remain a high priority.  Physical exercise is the greatest stress reliever  I know of.   Exercise helps control the physiological systems of the body to help improve oxygen and blood flow throughout the body, especially the brain.  When the brain gets a constant flow of new oxygen it gets nourished.   The brain is the control center of the body.   When stress builds up the sympathetic nervous system (SNS)  reacts. The SNS is the stress system responsible for preparing the body for “fight or flight.”  When the SNS is hyper-active (too much stress) oxygen flow and blood circulation tends to decrease in the brain, causing the brain to heat up.  When the brain heats up the neurons begin to rapid fire resulting in irrational thought patterns.   Fear, anxiety, anger, hate, depression are only some of the symptoms of chronic stress.  As a person falls deeper into a stress state they don’t; exercise, eat well, sleep well, feel well.  They continue down a path of self destruction.   To combat against the ill effects of chronic stress it is very important to maintain a regular habit of exercise.  Exercise helps to release natural good hormones to help protect the body against high levels of stress chemicals released in the body.  The healthier you are during touch times will help you cope better with the stressors, therefore, keeping you emotionally balanced.   The worst thing you can do during stressful times is cutting out your exercise.   Stay healthy!!!

Daryl Conant M.Ed