Questions from Readers

Hi Daryl,
The great Vince Gironda had stated that the abdomen is our second brain. What did he mean by that?
Where can I find information about signing up in natural bodybuilding competitions?
It doesn’t happen often but some days I have a tremendous amount of energy and stamina when I work out but most days that spike in energy is just not there. If there are no changes in my daily lifestyle ( sleep, stress, etc), what could be causing these energy spikes? I want these energy spikes more often because it is great feeling while I work out.
Is a protein shake using Ron Kosloff’s 92% Milk and Egg Protein Powder the ideal food to ingest following a resistance training workout and how much window of opportunity (time)do I have to take in this shake to have maximum beneficial results??
Vince meant that the abdomin region has a complex nerve network that controls many hormonal secretions similar to the brain. When the nerves in solar plexus are overstimulated they increase cortisol levels. The blood then shunts from the area and the neural output is decreased. This can result in the decrease of anabolic hormone production, therefore causing a loss of muscle. I have noticed that if I do too much abdominal work, my biceps shrink. There is a correlation to the nerves in the solar plexus and muscle building properties. That is what Vince meant.
Here is a link to a natural bodybuilding sanction:
also, look up ANBC bodybuilding championships.
These spikes of energy that you feel could be attributed to biorhythms. The body is in a constant flow of energy. The biorhythms fluctuate throughout the day. The biorhythms are also related to circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms fluctuate from day to day and season to season.  When both types of rhythms are in sync then you most likely will have a great surge of energy. Also, another factor is when the sugar levels are normal, and the body uses fat as the main fuel. During the exercise session the muscle is able to utilize sugar and fat improving the thermogenic efficiency. This will in turn allow for greater production of ATP in the mitochondria resulting in greater energy. 
Ron’s 92% Milk and Egg Protein Powder is an excellent food to ingest after working out. It has the right ratios and is a very easily digestible protein. This is what I ingest after workouts. And it tastes fantastic!
Thanks for the questions.