Energy and Fat Gain

There is a direct link between energy and fat gain. People who can’t lose fat suffer from an imbalance in energy. They can exercise all they want but will still have trouble losing the area around the abdominals. Fat gain around the abdominals are linked to the solar plexis. This area is the second brain. There are an abundant nerve supply to this area. When this area is blocked due to insufficient energy then the body is compromised. Many people who deal with emotional conflict turn off this area making the muscle cells dormant. The area becomes cooler and fat is stored. Also, the omentum stores more fat as well. Even if someone appears to be lean they can still have excess fat storage in their omentum. I can look at a human body and tell if they are emotionally balanced, nutrient deficient, or their exercise program is insufficient.  It is all about science and being around it for so many years. There is a reason why people look they way they do. It all comes from inner cellular energy patterns.

The body is a free flowing form of energy. When areas are blocked those systems are compromised. This is why so many people have distended abdominals and fat gain around the solar plexus. This area is highly sensitive to emotions and is the easiest to block. In order to rid those areas of fat it is important to establish positive neural contact. When a muscle contracts correctly blood is delivered to that area and healing occurs. When a muscle is inhibited then the area atrophies and disease develops. In our society there are many factors that effect our energy patters; stress, anxiety,worrying, insomnia, fear, no sex, depression, anger, hate, environmental pollutants. These all contribute to why a person will never lose the abdominal fat. It has nothing to do with exercise or nutrition if those areas are ruling you. Exercise and nutrition are essential for helping to re-establish energy patterns but it is only a temporary fix for some. As soon as they go back into the same lifestyle pattern their emotions get the best of them and they turn off the area again. I see so many people trying to exercise to lose fat and never see any results. It is because they have never resolved their inner emotional conflicts. And for some people they are subjected to environmental factors that will inhibit energy flow. That show Biggest Loser is a great example of what I am talking about.

Those folks are subjected to intense training and proper nutrition for 12 weeks. They are removed from their real life and are put into a television show where it is a temporary escape from their stressful life at home. They lose all this weight because that is all they are focused on. However, once they go back to their real life they tend to put the weight back on. It is because they were never taught how to resolve the problems that caused the weight gain to begin with. It is usually emotional and they have never resolved those issues. Therefore, their body responds by storing fat. Repressed emotions equals stored fat. There is only so much fat that can be metabolized by exercise and nutrition. Blocked energy will keep you fat. It is as if the fat protects the solar plexus from vulnerability.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed

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