One of The Best Bicep Exercises

Here is a great bicep exercise. You will need a well padded preacher curl stand. The pad must be rounded not straight like many of the commercial preacher curl benches are. The rounded pad is much better on the joints and allows for a complete stretch of the biceps. Plus the rounded pad helps assist more leverage on the humerus.

Grab a straight bar a little past shoulder width. Keep the thumb on the same side as the fingers. Now drape your arms over the bench and get your arm pits as snug as possible on the bench. You don’t want any gaps under your arms and pad. Your arms should be in complete extension, and you should feel a tremendous stretch on the biceps. Now curl your wrists then curl the barbell up toward your chin. Get the bar under the chin and contract the biceps really hard to force them into a cramp. Now return the bar back down to the starting position. Make sure not to cheat at all, take the pain as the bar goes down. This is the best part. AT the bottom uncurl the wrist and go back into a full extension. Now curl the wrist again and then the bar. Repeat this until you can no longer do the exercise. Try doing 4-5 Sets of 8 Reps. I guarantee you will get an incredible pump. Remember you can only do this on a rounded preacher bench all other preacher benches will wipe out your elbows.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed

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