Where is Negativity Come From???

Have you ever wondered where negative energy comes from? In today’s world it seems that there is so much negativity. So many people are negative. It seems that people like misery and that is what gets all the attention in our society. The press and media tend to dump as much negativity into the collective conscious of society as they can. It sells! I don’t know why this is the case. Why are we so attracted to negativity? Alot of it comes from viewing television. Turn the television on and you will see all the negativity that man has conjured up to produce fear and anxiety among the viewers. Very seldom do you hear of positive events that occur during the day. It is mostly negative. Television is a portal into a manmade propaganda avenue. People will believe whatever is on television and in media outlets. It appears that negativity makes money. Who wants to hear of good deeds that someone has done? We want to hear about sensationalism and misery. It is easier to be negative and cynical than to be positive and happy all the time. But where did this negativity come from?

In order to understand where negativity came from we must understand the make up of our existence. It seems that all life is derived from a dualistic relationship among a positive and negative reaction. The universe is made up of atoms. Atoms are made up of protons, electrons and neutrons. The atom is a basic unit of matter that consists of a dense, central nucleus surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons. The atomic nucleus contains a mix of positively charged protons and electrically neutral neutrons. Electrons and protons oppose each other. They fly around the nucleus very fast. This causes energy. Without the opposition of the electron and proton then there would be no reason to spin around the nucleus. There would be no energy production, therefore no basis of life.

The constant battle among the negative and positive forces at the atomic level transfers into molecules as well. Molecules are made up of atoms. Molecules make up all the structural material of life; cells. Cells are comprised of positive and negative ions. These positive and negative reactions in the cell is what produces energy for the tissues. Cells are constantly dying and regenerating. We have billions and billions of cells which all house energy. So, if you think about it we have the ability to store alot of energy. The brain is the most complex organ of the body. It is in the brain where the energy is channeled. How we think directly transfers into every cell of the body. Emotion is an electrochemical reaction. If we are subjected to negative stimuli (television, media, etc) we interpret the information in our brain. The thought process of how we perceive the information translates into our stream of consciousness. The stream of consciousness is a constant flow of subliminal thought patterns that form the basis of everything that we perceive. It is all the information that we gather on earth.

If the information that we are gathering is always in a negative form then our stream of consciousness will be filled with negative perceptions. As the stream of consciousness spins all day the hormones of the brain signal to the other parts of the body. These negative cycles then permeate into every cell. So now the body becomes more negative than positive. As a result of negative energy flowing through the body the following develops; the muscles atrophy, body fat stores,oxygen consumption becomes shallow, the heart has to work harder to pump blood, emotions become unstable (depression, anxiety, fear, hate, anger). People become complacent in negativity. They become more attracted to negativity through media circles, negative situations and negative people. Misery loves company. As humans become more negativity, this energy permeates outside of the body. Which over time will eventually create enough energy to force the universal energy system to change.

A way to defend against negative energy is to create more positive energy in the body. By creating positive energy in the brain the stream of consciousness can spin positive thoughts. By having positive emotional experiences will produce higher levels of “happy hormones” in the body. These happy hormones help boost the body’s immune system. Cells will be more positive and will regenerate and repair faster. Here is how it works: Happy thoughts, make happy cells,happy cells make happy tissue, happy tissue makes a happy body. People who are positive and happy tend to be more attracting. They stay away from the negative elements of society. They are tapped into increased cellular energy. When more cells are working positively in the body you feel naturally high and content. Highly positive energized people are more concerned with doing good things for the world and want to share this love with everyone and everything. When you are positive you are in complete harmony with life. The more positive energy that can be produced on earth will create a greater universal energy system.

Life is a constant dualistic battle between positive and negative energy. There is nothing wrong with either one of these types of energy. They both must exist in order for life to exist. The must both be in complete balance. If one is more than the other than imbalance can occur. But I would rather see more positive energy in this world than negative.

Exercise and eating healthy produces positive energy. In fact, there is a high energy compound called Adenosinetriphosphate in the mitochondria of cells that can increase from exercise. The more ATP the more energy. So it only makes sense that if you exercise you will create more energy. The more energy the happy and stress free you become. All the systems of the body are affected with exercise. Benefits of positive energy boosting: Increases fat metabolism, increases, muscle activity, improves hormone function, increases and helps vital organs resynthesize more efficiently, reduces stress, increase oxygen saturation, nourishes brain cells, helps release Co2 from the body, improves immune system, improves protein synthesis, improves and strengthens arteries and blood vessels, increases capillary number, improves inner cellular machinery, improves mood and well being, better digestion, greater sexual experience and creates a greater sense of love.

On the other spectum, negativity promotes the following: fat storage (because energy is being stored not released), muscle atrophy, decreased lung capacity, heart works harder, arteries and blood vessels weaken, brain is not nourished (therefore irrational behaviors can develop; anger, frustration, fear, irritability, hate, depression, anxiety), poor digestion, sexual dysfunction, vital organs can be compromised, constant release of stress chemicals, free radical formation, poor immune system response, the development of disease, illness, cancer.

Fat gain is usually a result from stored emotional and physical energy. The energy has no place to go and builds up in the storage cells of the body. Too much storage causes imbalance in all the systems of the body. In order to release this storage it is important to create enough positive energy to metabolize it off. People who lack the ability to release will never be able to metabolize the extra fat off their body. Their positive hormone concentration is decreased to the point of no return. They have done too much damage to their body and will not be able to reverse the situation. It is important to create as much positive energy as possible.

Much of our society is based on negative energy. Our body is a receptor. All we do is gather information every singe day of our life, and process it. This information gets embedded into our stream of consciousness. If the information is interpreted as negative then this starts a snow ball effect in our psyche. We end up becoming negative beings. By breaking from negative information and re-directing our thought patterns to more positive information then we will become better human beings. The ole saying is true “we are what we think.” The only way a world can change is if everyone in the world changes one being at a time. How we perceive and interpret this world is within our own mind. The first step to creating positive earthly energy is to create positive energy within your own body.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed

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