Segregate Snack Food

Daryl’s FIT TIP of The Day:
Each time you open a cupboard that contains valueless non-nutrient snack food, there’s a reasonable chance that you will indulge– even if you originally opened the cupboard to retrieve something else.

To avoid this, it’s best to just not buy unhealthy snack food. But if that’s not in the cards, store unhealthy snacks in higher shelves, so that the younger kids can’t reach for them, and for adults to not see them as easily. Making snack foods easy to get to is dangerous. People are more prone to add 3-5 lbs of fat to their body simply by making snack foods easily obtainable from their cupboards. The greatest risk of indulging in junk food (chips, cookies, candy) is right after work and people come home with residual mental stress. Their blood sugar is usually low and they head right to the cupboard and start a FEEDING FRENZY on what ever is easily accessible– junk food. By making the junk food harder to get to will allow you a chance to reach for a healthy snack instead. 

Strategically place healthy snacks in the reach of kids so that they begin to associate their hunger with healthy foods instead of the high sugary snacks. For adults, rather than going straight to the cupboard, where most processed snacks are, head to the refrigerator and choose a healthy snack such as; greek yogurt, cottage cheese, grapes, or an apple. Stifle your emotional sugar/salt/fat cravings by rationally choosing a healthy snack in place of the dreaded JUNK FOOD SNACK. Make it hard to get to the junk food.

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