The Benefits of Sex on Fat Loss

Just about every day I have someone ask me how they can lose the fat that has accumulated around the abdominals. There are many factors to why fat has collected around the abdominals:

1. Poor digestion,

2. Genetics,

3. Stress (sympathetic Nervous System Activation– cortisol release),

4. Lack of adequate amounts of protein,

5. De-conditioned Muscle,

6. Poor cardiovascular system,

7. Low levels of ATP production,

8. Poor immune system,

9. Lack of essential vitamins and minerals,

10. Diabetes, and other metabolic dysfunction,

11. Lack of sex.

“Hold on, did the Big D just say lack of sex??? to be a reason for accumulated fat around the waist. Holy smokes, the Fitness Nut has gone crazy!!!”

Yes! My fellow bloggett’s this is a fact. Activation of the reproductive system is crucial in the maintenance of the abdominal area. Let me explain.

In my book “diet EARTH” I discuss the energy flow of the body. We have vital organs that require a certain amount of energy. This energy flows through the body through the bloodstream. When the organ is flushed with blood it is rich in oxygen and nutrients. The more blood that is pumped to and through these organs and tissues the healthier they are. When we exercise the blood floods to the muscles that we are working. The blood pump helps deliver nutrient rich compounds to the damaged muscle tissue. A by-product of blood rushing to the affected area is an increase in blood vessels and capillary concentrations. The more oxygen that can be delivered and saturated by the muscle the more active the muscle becomes. This is the reason why we exercise. We are trying to develop greater strength, flexibility and endurance to working muscles. When we work the muscles the bones are also affected. The bones regenerate by local migrating osteoblasts that are ready to repair worked bone tissue. The more we use a particular part of the body the healthier it becomes. It also helps with the removal of metabolic wastes and fat storage. When muscles heat up they burn fat. The fat that is closest to the muscle is what is used up.

So now the sex thing. When we were young and horny bastards the reproductive organs and system was set in overdrive. This is natural and a normal process of human existence. If we didn’t have this intense desire for sex then human life wouldn’t have existed all these thousands of years. I like to call the young years the “reproductive years.” The reproductive years are from about 15-35 respectively. 18-28 are the most intense.

The driving force for sexual energy is testosterone, estrogen, progesterone. These three hormones begin to develop in greater concentration during the teenage years and peak out around 28 years old. During the production of these hormones the reproductive system is hyper-sensitive and seems to always be on. This is where the phrase ” I am turned on” came from. Essentially, the person’s libido is activating a sequence of hormonal events that set off a cascade of events to activate the sexual organs. As we get older this area is not as active due to the diminishing effect of hormonal depletion.

When hormones begin to deplete this is known as catabolic aging. Unfortunately, catabolic aging is something we all must succumb to as we age. So, as we get older our sexual drive drops. Now as a result of lower sexual activity, fat accumulates around the abdominals. For women fat collects below the belly button, like a little pooch. The reason for this fat accumulation is because there is no longer enough heat production coming from the reproductive organs and system, therefore the area becomes cold. The nerves are no longer getting stimulated and the area muscle tissue atrophies. Just like any muscle tissue when the area is not being activated on a regular basis the area gets cold and fat stores. Fat attracts to cold places. So if the muscle is cold it will most likely store fat, rather than burn it.

When people become less sexually active their testosterone, estrogen and progesterone could be to blame. Without high concentrations of these anabolic hormones the muscles will not be activated enough to metabolize off excess fat. In order to boost these hormones it is important to keep all the systems of the body working optimally. To do this means that you must exercise all aspects of the body. The reproductive system is a vital system for human health and immunity. Menopause is a process that women must go through as their reproductive system shuts down. This is natures way. Once a woman goes through menopause their ability to store fat increase drastically. This is due to the loss of reproductive system activity, hormonal depletion, and muscle atrophy. The result of this is fat storage. Men go through a similar situation as menopause but not as drastic. Their reproductive system becomes less active and there is atrophy to the muscles. Fat storage is the result. Also, the risk of prostate cancer in men and ovarian cancer for women increases as a result of reproductive shut down.

In order to keep the reproductive system healthy and to reduce early shut down, it is important to keep the reproductive system active. That means having sex on a regular basis.

There are actual physiological benefits with sexual activity:

 Increases immunity properties. Forget the wine, have sex and boost your immune system through the roof. The activation of sexual chemicals boosts the “happy hormones” of the body and increases immune properties dramatically.

• Smaller, Defined abs: Sex performed correctly can burn a tremendous amount of calories meaning that the reproductive muscles are working and are getting saturated with oxygen and nutrients, which ultimately metabolizes fat around the abdominal area.

 Stress Release: Sex is one of the greatest stress relievers of all.

• Sex is the glue of the relationship. (o.k. you know what I mean, don’t be gross people). It helps keep a bond between you and your partner.

• Reduces aging. The less stressed you are the more your systems are relaxed which reduces the aging effects.

• Increased para-sympathetic nervous system tone: During a sexual episode the body activates the SNS. The SNS is used to bring about climax. Once the show is over the parasympathetic nervous system is activated deeper than before. Blood flow to the digestive system and reproductive system is enhanced. More nutrients and oxygen is delivered to these areas.

• Better Sleep. After sex the brainwaves shift into deeper wavelengths, allowing the body to fall asleep allowing for growth factors to release and help repair the body.

• Reduces Blood Pressure: Sex increases systemic blood circulation and increases heart rate during the act. This can produce an aerobic response, if sex activity is sustained for a long time. The stress release from sex allows greater PNS tone, thus reducing high blood pressure.

Sex is a very healthy process for the body. It can help burn fat and improve the immune system. In addition, it can help improve blood pressure and reproductive system health. The fat that accumulates around the waist and abdominal can be partly related to decreased reproductive organ activity. The benefits of having sex out weighs not having sex.

Daryl Conant, M.Ed

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