I Don’t Get It

I have been telling people for 25 years eating eggs is healthy for you and that they are the most complete food on the planet. They have the right ratio of fat and protein to assimilate in the body.  I eat a large number of eggs per day and have never had any problems with my cholesterol.

When I tell people to eat eggs they tell me that i am crazy and that you shouldn’t eat the yolks.  They over cook their eggs, they cook only the egg whites or they eat egg substitutes. This is ridiculous! No matter how many times I tell them the science behind the digestion process of the liver and how fat and protein work in the body, they don’t listen.

Yesterday some dude named Dr. Oz told America that there is nothing wrong with eating eggs. In fact he continues to say,  you can eat as many as you wish without causing an increase in blood cholesterol.  High cholesterol is more affected by having increased abdominal fat accumulated around the visceral organs, not from eating eggs.

Wow! This is something new to me–NOT!  It is silly that people will only believe something as long as a doctor on a television show says it, and they won’t believe someone who has been living what he preaches for the past 25 years.  Whatever!!!!

It is discouraging to me that I put everything out there and provide the answers to so many of the questions people have about nutrition and exercise, yet not too many people actually follow what I write.  I don’t understand why this happens. So many people live in a fear based operating system and must conform to the “sheep herd” mentality.  They believe only that which is comfortable and agreed upon with the masses. They are afraid to stray from the herd for fear of being ridiculed or wrong.

I am almost at the point of discontinuing my blog and stopping with writing books because apparently not too many folks out there want to listen to what I am teaching, unless I am a doctor with my own television show.  

For those of you that are still interested in the information I provide my book “diet EARTH” is available at: www.darylconant.com

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