The Importance of Eating Nutritious Foods

The Importance of Eating Nutritious Foods

Survival of the fittest is the one single principle that rules the animal world. This rule does not govern humanity, however, and as a result, man has relegated health to the bottom of his priority list. It is only when nature provides a shocking reminder of neglect through a stroke or a heart attack that most people realize that they should have followed a healthy routine.

There are a few simple steps to follow to be in good health. Regular exercise and intake of the right foods to keep your body fit, and develop a strong immune system to fight the onslaught of various diseases. Eat the correct proportion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates to provide the vitamins, minerals and other elements needed by the body to survive, and flourish. Carbohydrates rich foods have a combination of fibre, sugar and starch, and thus supply the body with glucose that provide the energy to complete physical tasks. Proteins too are vital in providing energy to the body, but you need to watch out for foods that have healthy and unhealthy levels of fat along with protein.

The right combination of fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy and meat products can fulfil your body’s needs. This means that you can perform all the physical tasks while your brain too remains healthy and active. A fit body and mind not only ensures a long and healthy life, but also keeps all major and minor diseases at bay. A healthy mind and body can delay any age related disease, such as Alzheimer’s or osteoporosis thus improving the quality of life.

Promote healthy eating habits among your loved ones and your children. The right foods help you increase your efficiency while exercising and during work. A healthy mind keeps stress at bay, and this results in a general sense of well-being, and contentment.

On the other hand, eating unhealthy food over a long period can lead to fat accumulating in various parts of your body including your arteries. While body fat is easily visible, fat accumulating inside your body is not visible and unfortunately is irreversible. Thus, you might have to go in for a heart bypass operation to replace clogged arteries, if you ignore your health for a long time. The key is to embark on healthy eating habits from childhood itself. For girls and women too, healthy eating habits can result in flawless skin and a fit body. The right combination of a heavy breakfast, medium lunch, and a light dinner can help the body to digest in a more efficient way.

As the old saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’ and by embarking on a mission to eat healthy foods, you can ensure that you live a long and healthy life. A healthy diet enables you to perform all physical and mental functions, while ensuring that you live a better quality of life, free from any ailments.