Staying Motivated

One of the greatest pitfalls of staying fit is staying motivated.  I feel that many people lack the self discipline to succeed and have not found that one thing that makes them want to keep coming back.  My secret for staying motivated in the weight room is the spiritual connection I attain when I train.    When I train I go into a hypnotic state.  I transcend into spiritual level that I cannot explain to anyone.   This is where I pull my motivation from.  I developed this method within myself many years ago.   It occurred after a training session when I was around 15 years old.  I remember training hard and feeling a great pump in the muscles.  I felt omnipotent.  This feeling was incredible and I felt like I could conquer the world.  After my final set of the last exercise I laid down on the floor closed my eyes  and I immediately fell into a euphoric state of consciousness.  I have read that it takes years to experience this hypnotic  level of consciousness from meditation.  It is called transcendental meditation.   Yogi masters and buddhists practice meditation on a regular basis.  The belief is that meditation can provide the truth of our existence.   That you cannot understand life’s meaning in an unconscious mind state.  In order to truly experience life you must be completely conscious.   As I laid on the floor that day I enter into another dimension that I could not explain.  All I knew was that that the feeling was peaceful and completely fulfilling.   This is the feeling that I try to attain each time I workout.  My motivation comes from the idea of achieving higher levels of consciousness through the use of bodybuilding exercises.  

As a gym owner I often see people come and go.  They either get bored, lack knowledge of how to train, view exercise as torture, or fall into a self fulfilling prophecy of negative expectations.  They have no connection with exercise.  To them exercise is a short term cure for a long term problem.  When they don’t see the result in physical form  they quit.  What they don’t realize is that exercise is a metabolic booster that forces the physiological systems of the body to become better at adapting to physical stress. It is only a piece of the puzzle.  In order to be completely fit and healthy all three components of life have to be in balance other wise the structure will fail.  There are three realms of consciousness that must be in balance; physical, spiritual and emotional.  Most people I know who exercise are fixated only to the physical realm of consciousness.  They never work on or develop the other two components.   In my book InVINCEable I go in depth on the different stages of consciousness.  I find it very helpful for understanding what our expectation as a human being is.  We all have a certain responsibility of becoming the best human being we can become.  I feel that humans today are regressing back into a primitive consciousness full of fear and doubt and anxiety.  The belief system of a God or supreme being governing all of the Earth and mankind is becoming just a distance bed time story that only a few story tellers tell nowadays.  The collective unconsciousness has shifted back into a lost society with no motivation to become greater. We are not progressing into better more intelligent human beings. We are regressing into complacent, primitive, negative human beings.   Satisfying only the physiological needs seems to be the only concern these days for most people.  Just turn the television on or listen to the talk at the work place it is all the same fear and negativity.  

People exercise for all kinds of reasons.  My motivation is derived from becoming a higher conscious human being  striving to become a better form of energy than what we know.  I believe that as humans we are still in the infantile stages of our true potential.  For me weight training is my tool for prying open my inner sanction of euphoric revelation.    Drug addicts have to pay thousands of dollars for a single hit of getting high.  All I need is thirty minutes of a certain sequence of exercises to attain a high like no other.  

Knowing that I am forging into a greater conscious experience as a human being is my greatest motivator.  What is yours?

Daryl Conant, M. Ed

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