Eating Healthy After A Hangover

The holidays are here which means more alcohol consumption

If you have had a night filled with fun, dance, and lots of drinks, then you could wake up with a pounding head and a mouth that might have suddenly turned to coarse sand paper. Alcohol can rob the body of vital nutrients including sugar and so it is vital to get the right ingredients back into your body to not only limit the effects of your overnight hangover, but also get back in physical and mental shape, if you want to enjoy the day after.

In order to limit the effects of a hangover, drink lots of water between your drinks, even if it reduces the buzz. This will definitely reduce the hangover by flushing out the alcohol from your system. You need to realize that your body is severely dehydrated due to excessive alcohol and in case you start your morning by drinking coffee or any other products containing caffeine, you could only make the situation go from bad to ugly. In addition to sugar, alcohol also drains away your magnesium and potassium levels. A healthy breakfast is what can actually get you back on your wobbly feet in no time.

Even though you might not feel hungry during a hangover, it is important to eat a full breakfast, since even though your mind might not be willing, your body actually needs the vital vitamins, salt and sugar to start functioning again. Traditional breakfast items like baked beans, bacon,and eggs in various forms can help out a lot. You can also replenish lost vitamins by slowly sipping a glass of orange juice. The important point is to eat slowly, since a heavy breakfast after a heavy night can result in your stomach revolting and throwing everything out, thus resulting in even more hangover problems. Instead of frying everything, try to grill it, so that your breakfast remains healthy and the chances of throwing up gets reduced.

You could also eat bananas to recover the lost potassium levels or if you can arrange for some natural coconut water, then that could be even better since it has more potassium levels than bananas. Do not try to eat or drink anything new, but instead stick to foods that your body is already adapted to, if you do not want any complications. Also, ensure that you drink adequate water and juice throughout the day. If the prospect of a heavy breakfast is unappealing, then try to have a banana smoothie along with some pieces of toast made of whole wheat bread. This could be light on your stomach and you could have another heavy breakfast of bacon, beans or eggs after a couple of hours.

It is better to ignore advice to drink wine or any other alcoholic drink as a cure, since even though it might offer temporary relief by keeping you in a state of suspended high, ultimately your body will pay a higher price, since it will only result in increased dehydration. You will only end up delaying your hangover, instead of eliminating it. Try to stay away from tea and coffee, since caffeine again will only give you temporary mental relief, but will actually dehydrate your body further. A shower will also help you to get fresh.

A little bit of care before, during and after an enjoyable drinking night can thus negate most of the harmful effects of a hangover. Eating and drinking the above-mentioned foods, fruits and drinks is thus a healthy and quick way to bounce back on your feet and can also help to clear your mind to face the coming day. 

Daryl Conant, M.Ed.