Find The Time To Train

When I was younger, before I got married and had children, life was a lot less complicated.  I only had to worry about myself and paying my school bills.  I worked an honest week of 40 plus hours and had minimal responsibilities.  I could train all I wanted to, eat all I wanted, sleep all I wanted. My main purpose was focusing on exercise science research.   Then everything changed, I got married, opened up my own business  and had kids.  Being a husband and a father propelled me into a higher level responsibility than I have ever experienced.   You just can’t wake up one day and say I think I will move out west and live on a beach for a year, or I think I will move to Europe for 6 months to see what it is all about.  Those days of selfish abandonment are over.  I have a family that depends on me.  Just because I own a fitness center does not mean that I live a stress free life.  I work up to 80 hours per week, deal with all the family matters that come along with having a family,  have the responsibility of paying for a mortgage, taxes and other bills.  There are days when I am so busy that I find it hard to workout.  But I always find time to train.  Though I don’t have the free time that I did when I was younger, I now train smarter.  I workout for 30 minutes per session.  I feel that this is the appropriate amount of time necessary for maximizing my efforts in the gym.   I have not seen any decrease in my physique, matter of fact I look better now than I did when I was in my twenties.  The reason for this could be the fact that I am on such a time constraint with every detail of my life that when I train I put all of my focus and drive into those 30 minutes.  I am often amused when I hear other parents discuss how busy their lives are and that they think that they are the only ones with kids in school. They always make it known to me that “if I just had more time in the day I could workout at your gym”, or ” If I didn’t have to work and go to my kids basketball games on the weekend I could workout.”  If a person really wants to exercise they will find the time and make it priority.  Too many people blame their fitness level on their family, work, and life mishaps.  I am a family man who has devoted his life to taking care of two great boys and a beautiful wife.  I don’t believe that responsibilities of life have to cripple us from doing what we want to do.  For me it is keeping it all balanced. I have found the time in my busy schedule to train and compete in bodybuilding contests without sacrificing my family time.  You too can look great and feel great without having to give up your exercise regime.  Waiting until your kids graduate college is no reason to start an exercise program.  Give yourself 20-30 minutes a day and you will be amazed at the results. No excuses!

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