The Red Meat Scare

Well here we go again.  Yesterday all over the media airways the announcement of “eating red meat will kill you”  hit the peverable  American consciousness.  The study was a longitudinal study that supposively measured the red meat intake of one million people ranging from 50-70 years old.  The result was that many of the folks that ate red meat every day died and those that didn’t are still alive.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  The case made is that red meat causes heart disease and cancer.  Well, my friends let me explain to you some of the faults with this study

The following factors were never addressed.  Eating healthy red meat is not the problem. 

1.  We all know that most people live a sedentary life.  When living a sedentary life chances are the person is not too concerned with what they eat.  Therefore, it wasn’t the protein that killed them it could have been other factors; lifestyle, junk food, alcohol abuse, sugar. 

2.  Hereditary factors:  If a person has poor genetics and has a family history of heart problems and or cancer then eating protein wasn’t the problem. They were susceptible of developing poor health issues as written in their DNA.

3.  Eating protein without taking digestive enzymes.

4.  Not digesting properly.

5.  Mixing complex carbs with complex protein:  example,  eating meat and potatoes

6.  Eating processed chemical ladened foods.  It’s the chemicals that kill not protein.

7.  Not exercising.  

8.  Living a life of stress.  Stress activates the manufacturing of stress compounds that enter the bloodstream which can influence the build up of free radicals in the blood system.

9.  Consuming too much protein at a meal.  It is suggested that people should consume 30 grams of protein at a time.  Anything more than this could be useless.

How come they didn’t do a study on bodybuilders who have eaten protein for 20-40 years without having any health issues.  When you exercise and train hard the muscle tissue is broken down. In order to rebuild and repair muscle tissue protein has to be consumed.  Muscle tissue is red meat.  I say red meat rebuilds red meat.  So go out and find the best leanest cut of red meat you can get without chemicals and eat it.  Here is my suggestion for the appropriate amount of protein for you.

Non-active sedentary person:  multiply .80 x your body weight.  This is your daily requirement.

Active person:  1.0 x body weight

Bodybuilder or very active person 1.1 or 1.2 depending on body weight x body weight.

The bottom line is eating red meat won’t kill you.  Being ignorant and following the advice of ridiculous studies that are not accurate will keep you living in fear.  

Maybe the study was good.  Now people will be afraid of eating red meat, which means more for me– YUMMMMYYYYY!!!!  

I have been eating a pound of red meat almost every day for 25 years and I am still here on Earth writing to you. How come I am not dead?  Believe me I have experimented with eating more protein than the body should consume just to see the effects and I have yet to see any change in my physiology.  Blood pressure, cholesterol, normal levels.    Eating protein works for me.   And I attribute my success in bodybuilding to eating RED MEAT.  

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