Great American Nutrition Fallacies: Eggs

 Eggs are going to kill you. Anyone who knows me knows how ridiculous this idea is.  Intelligent humans know that eating eggs won’t kill you.  Nor does eating eggs increase a persons bad cholesterol levels. This is physiology 101.  In fact, eggs can help lower cholesterol levels.  And eggs are considered the perfect food. Eggs are the best protein source available. Eggs are the best hormone precursing foods to consume. 

The cholesterol in eggs helps to ignite the master hormone Pregnenolone. Pregnenolone is a derivative of cholesterol. This hormone can be synthesized into various hormones; progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, adlosterone, cortisol, Lutenizing hormone, etc.  To help increase the production of pregnenolone, hormone precursing foods need to be established into the body.

When a person cuts out their cholesterol intake they are at risk of producing inadequate amounts of pregnenolone, therefore, resulting in dysfunction of the systems.  Weight  gain, depression, anxiety, muscle loss, psychological imbalances can all result from insufficient amounts of hormone precursing foods. Another great advantage of pregnenolone is its ability to boost the immune system reducing the inflammation factors within the body.

Eggs are EGG-CELLENT!!! Get cracking.

Note: Avoid eating eggs that are hard boiled, or over cooked. Never cook eggs in a microwav