Are You Frustrated With Not Seeing Results


Do you suffer from the following:

* poor sleep patterns

* being overweight and can’t ever seem to get anywhere with exercise.

* constantly crave carbs

* Anxiety rules you

* High stress

* Inappropriate snacking throughout the day

* Tired after eating.

* Crave caffeine and stimulants to wake up or to have throughout day.

* Have a “muffin top”

* Abdominal circumference exceeds beyond the normal range.

* Cellulite on legs, glutes, abs, arms

* Waking up during the night to eat.

* Irritable If you are tired and frustrated of not seeing results I can help you.

Email me:, or visit me: at the Fitness Nut House in Kennebunk, Maine, to set up an appointment. There is a simple explanation to why these symptoms are occurring and I can help you.