The brain needs healthy fats to function properly. During the development of the brain ages 0-25 essential fats are crucial for neuron health. Unfortunately, most children eat processed sugars, chemical laden foods, damaged fats, oxidized fats, minimal or no nutrient dense vegetables, coffee, sodas, high fructose corn syrup. Most brain disorders during the developmental stages of human growth are nothing more than nutritional deficiencies. Proper nourishment is essential for brain health.

GOOD MENTAL HEALTH is not the norm in this country. I believe that most so called diseases are nutritional deficiencies. It is crucial for humans to eat real food. Unfortunately, our country is running out of real food. This country is focusing on the wrong issues, I feel that our natural food supply and harvesting true nutrient foods should be on the top of the political agenda. However, this topic is at the bottom of both political parties. 

Here is how it works:

Loss of nutrient dense foods= poor health= disease/disorders= escalating health care costs= poor productivity= poor economy.

How we nourish our body directly relates to the whole economy flow of this country. Proper nutrition is paramount in restoring good health in this country. 

It is amazing how the government developed the home land security department after 911 to help protect America from terrorists from abroad, spending billions of dollars a year to protect our borders. But the government is doing nothing to stop the terrorism that is in our food supply. It is more probable to die from eating the food in our country than it is to be blown up by a suicide bomber. More and more people are developing cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, psychological disorders every second in America, yet no one sees this as being a major threat to the American society. 

Eating damaged fats, processed sugar, chemicals, etc.  kills the cells of the body. When cells die humans die. 

Over the past few months I have investigated and researched the eating behaviors of Americans and what I have found out so far is that the majority of people are consuming agents that produce cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, brain disorders.  


I walked through the grocery store (Hannaford) and scanned the food isles. I would have to say that 90% of all the food sold in this particular grocery store should not be consumed by humans. This only left 10% that was actually consumable. Of that 10% I still found traces of chemicals that could produce cancer. This is very scary when you think about it. But then again most people don’t think about it. 

One of the biggest problems with our society is that there is no regulation, no accountability, and no discipline when it comes to nurition. We live in the world of ALL FOR ME and I WANT MORE, MORE, MORE and I WANT NOW, NOW, NOW. IT’S ALL ABOUT ME, ME, ME, ME. 

Dimished natural food EQUALS a higher disease and disorder rate. 

The change begins by eating the right amount of HEALTHY ESSENTIAL FAT to nourish the brain. 

Daryl Conant, M.Ed