The Swine Flu

The is a lot of commotion about the threat of the swine flu.  Influenza has many different strains that attack humans each year.  This past year there was about 3 million cases of influenza in the United States.  Many people died from complications.  Yet there was no panademic fear driven by the media.  There must be nothing else to talk about in the news so the swine flu gets all the attention.  Here is the probability of getting the swine flu.  Let’s say 1000 folks get the flu there is a probability of 1 person dying from complications.  Most of the time those that have a poor functioning immune system are at risk. The elderly are more at risk of dying from the average flu because of their age and low immune properties.  People who have poor immune systems due to eating poorly, drinking alcohol, doing drugs, smoking are at greater risk of getting the flu.   Here are some things to do to boost immunity.  Take a multi-vitamin, keep the stomach acid high, take olive leaf, use digestive enzymes, take a table spoon of apple cider once a day.  Virus’ can’t survive in an acidic environment.  Also, wash your hands frequently throughout the day.  Eat your vegetables!  Get plenty of rest. Lastly, reduce stress.  Be smart and avoid contaminated areas.  The swine flu is just another form of influenza and should be treated as such.  Don’t stay locked up in your house wearing a blue mask just yet.  The best way to avoid getting the flu is to turn off your television set.  

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Daryl Conant, M.Ed