What If I am a Vegetarian?

For years, researchers concluded that vegetarians could easily become protein deficient unless each meal provided a balance of amino acids. Current studies continue to indicate that the body must receive sufficient amounts of the essential amino acids in order to sustain life. It is now known that protein requirements in vegetarian diets can safely be obtained through a combination of complimentary proteins that work synergistically to produce the necessary amino acid balance.

There is much confusion and discussion throughout the research world about supplements of protein and amino acids.The final judge, however, is you. When you gain the results you wish from a protein or amino acid supplement– no amount of authoritative research writing is going to change your mind.

It is important for vegetarians to get enough essential protein on a daily basis. There just isn’t enough protein in vegetables alone to sustain the body’s muscle supply. Even though a vegetarian doesn’t eat red meat, they are still consuming red meat. Our muscle tissue is a red meat and when the body goes into a catabolic state, we end up consuming our own muscle tissue to provide protein to vital organs. So in a sense vegetarians are still red meat eaters If your goal is to maintain or build muscle tissue, the vegetarian lifestyle will limit your gains. Animal protein will always be the king for building muscle.

Daryl Conant


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