Supplements that Claim To Produce An Anabolic Effect

I was asked one time if I ever took steroids. My answer is always NO! I never took steroids and never will. My philosophy is that what is natural needs to remain natural. Tampering with my physiology by injecting high concentrations of anabolic steroids into my system is not a natural event. Steroids only provide a temporary effect in muscle growth. Once you stop taking them your body goes back to its original size and shape. I have been tempted by others to take steroids but I never took them. When I was young and naive I didn’t know what steroids were, I thought they were super vitamins. When I learned what they were I had not interest in them.

Everyday there are tons of ads online and in magazines that promote the sale of some super powerful anabolic supplement guaranteed to get you huge in only a few weeks. These claims are false. Most supplements are not anabolic. If they are anabolic then I would say that they contain pro-hormones or actual steroids. Kids are going out and buying up these “super” supplements in hopes of developing big muscles. The problem is that no matter how anabolic a supplement is or steroid is the body will return to its original size once you discontinue taking them. Any supplement that claims to build huge muscles fast should be investigated. Another problem is that you have to keep up with purchasing these agents on a regular basis, which can be costly. So rather than training hard and living within your own genetic potential, you have to depend on pills each month to keep you big. This just doesn’t make sense. It is false bodybuilding.

If a person has to depend on spending hundreds of dollars a month to keep their muscles pumped up then something is seriously wrong. I love training and seeing realistic results. I have no need to take drugs to produce an unnatural physiological effect. It goes against my philosophy and what I stand for. I’ll leave drug use to the unintelligent Neanderthal who is a bodybuilding poser. They will have their fifteen minutes of fame and then will end up looking like crap a few years later. When I started bodybuilding twenty four years ago my intent was to do it for my entire life not just for one or two months. The satisfaction of knowing that I am all natural is all I need to appease my ego. I don’t need to go out and buy the latest super supplement that guarantees I will put on tons of muscle. I don’t buy into the hype. Be careful not to fall into the deceptive trap of supplement advertising. Most ads show a muscle bound freak-a-zoid gnashing his teeth with veins popping out all over his body while holding a bottle of some new supplement claiming that you will look like him. Young insecure minds are lured into this trap because they feel that this is their way out of being a small, weak, insecure person. That if they get huge like the dude in the picture then they will get the respect the deserve. It is a shame that this is what bodybuilding has turned into.

The bottom line is to keep it real, train hard, take recovery supplements, and eat good wholesome foods.  Stay away from supplements that guarantee that you will put on 10-50 pounds of rock hard muscle. No supplement can put on that much muscle in a short time. Leave the steroid and pro-hormone use to the insecure, low intelligent, egotisitical, idiots of the world. Stay true to yourself and build a physique that you can feel proud about knowing that is built by hard work and honesty. Not filled with some temporary agent that pumps you up and then deflates you a month later.

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