A Story of Inspiration

Inspiration is something or someone that can influence change for the better. When I was a young lad in school I would often times lose focus when I read the subject matter that I wasn’t interested in. I would end up having to re-read the information over and over. My grades were reflective upon my poor retention ability. In order to continue playing on the high school baseball team I needed to make better grades. I didn’t know what to do. One day I decided to listen to my favorite group U2 while I read. Then something amazing happened, I began retaining everything I read. There was some connection with the melodies and tones of the music that altered my brain. The more I would listen to U2’s music the better my grades got. When I went to college, the only way I could study was to play U2’s music in the background.  I know  this all seems a little bit crazy but U2 inspired me to learn and to continue to succeed in my career. Now whenever I listen to U2 songs I recall the information that I studied. There is a direct link to the melodies and my memory. Pretty cool, eh?