Great American Nutrition Fallacies:Red Meat

1. Red meat is bad for you.  I know the vegetarians and cardiologists that read this blog are going to become enraged when I say this, but I stand firm in my belief.  TRUE ORGANIC RED MEAT  is the second best source of protein that humans can consume.  Our own muscle tissue is red meat.  We must replenish our muscle tissue with a protein that is as close to our own makeup  as possible. Red meat is the best assimilated protein for building muscle.  There are a tremendous amount of nutrients in red meat. Red meat is a hormone precursor food.

Poultry (chicken, turkey, foul) is considered to be the healthy meat.  Millions of Americans consume chicken every day.  Poultry is a terrible protein for building muscle.  It is a low hormone precursing food.  Just because it is chicken doesn’t mean that it is better for you than red meat.  Real organic red meat is the best form of meat to eat.

Beans and rice are complimentary proteins that provide the correct ratio of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein.  However, beans digest very slowly and are encased with a lot of fiber. By the time the protein is broken down, much of the value has been degraded.  Due to the slow uptake beans are not a hormone precursing food.  In addition beans are hard to digest for many people, which can result in digestive distress (gas, bloating).  But beans and rice every once and a while is sufficient. Bean protein is good for the cardiovascular system more so than building skeletal muscle. Red meat is still the king for building muscle tissue. 

Daryl Conant, M.Ed