Shorter Life Spans

Daryl’s FIT TIP of The Day: 
Did you know that large waist-lines lead to shorter life spans? Do not overeat even healthy foods, for your body only needs enough food (fuel) to maintain health and energy. People become overweight because they have over fed their bodies.
You are not getting away with this kind of cheating, you are just hurting yourself. Bear in mind that as we live longer, the internal abdominal structure and stomach muscles relax more. This is called droopy tummy or visceroptosis. It’s a common condition among older people who don’t exercise their waist muscles. It can be a contributing cause of constipation, sluggish liver and eve3n hernias.
When the abdominal wall becomes lazy and then the consequent droop is compounded by fatty layers of flab, then trouble can start inside the abdomen. By the time most people reach 40, they have a prolapsed abdomen. Some need a surgical tummy tuck (which removes excess fat) to give them a flat stomach. So, don’t let your abdominal muscles droop! Make every effort to recapture firmness. It’s amazing how quickly muscles respond to exercises, and good posture.
I have created one of the BEST ways to exercise the entire abdominal region. THE AB INFERNO™ is one of my BEST selling products and is awesome for keeping the abdominal muscles strong and supported reducing the risk of droopy tummy. Check out my website for more information.
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